Take an exciting tour through the great northern outdoors, experience culinary  delights, and walk in the footsteps of the group of seven with the wonderful blaq bear adventures.

Carole Blaquiere has spent three years building, organizing and running her tours of our beautiful northern landscape. She has created Blaq Bear Adventure packages that showcase the beauty of Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding locations so wonderfully. Her tour packages take you on marvelous adventures, chasing history, walking where the famous group of seven walked, sharing in awe the wonderful landscapes that we love here in the North. These unique tours take you through the trails of Algoma, to the tops of our local mountains and dip your toes into the waters of Lake Superior and drink wine and dine with the knowledgeable owners of local shops.

Twenty years prior to Carole’s big opening of Blaq Bear Adventures she had been living in southern Ontario working as an engineer.  It was during a trip away from home to the North West Territories she made up her mind to paddle the Nahanni River. Inspired by a plaque that held the iconic photograph of Pierre Elliot Trudeau at Virginia Falls, in his buckskin fringe jacket paddling the Nahanni River, Carole decided in her mid-twenties that she was going to do the same.

As a young woman with a mission in mind, she would not stop until achieving her dream. Having made a commitment to herself and to the river, she would return to this place after learning to paddle. Carole knew the importance of this endeavor and the effect taking it would have on her heart and mind and she was right. The great and wild outdoors has a way of showing people who they are and what they want in this life. When Carole returned home she was not the same woman who had left, and she knew that for her to feel happy a lifestyle change was in order. Carole and her husband Chris packed up and moved to Northern Ontario’s very own Sault Ste. Marie, where her work allowed her to travel the North providing tech services to wood product manufacturers. Inevitably, life would change once more for Carole and she would find herself looking at her life again and wondering if she should stay in the field she knows as an engineer or if it was time to try something completely different.

Having grown to love Sault Ste. Marie, Carole did not want to move away and decided it was time to start her own company. A tour company that would allow her to be social, adventurous, and allow her to utilize the outdoor lessons she had gained over the years. She worked hard to design Blaq Bear Adventure programs that would incorporate the places and themes that fascinated and excited her the most here in the Sault.

Carole has done a wonderful job of making these tours inclusive for everyone as she has adventures that fascinate guests and fit people of any lifestyle or experience level. She is a brave and adventurous guide who makes her tours exciting by showing off historical landmarks and taking locals, newcomers and visitors to the Sault, to see what makes this place so incredibly special.

It is so important when on guided tours to have thoughtful, aware and prepared guides with you, to assess each situation for risk and reward, and to make your trip as enjoyable as possible. Carole takes care to prepare everything in advance and with her years of experience, she is a fabulous guide to have by your side as you explore. Her culinary tours explore the cultural heritage of the Sault as well as the local food scene in downtown Sault Ste. Marie. Her guided eco-tours explore the regions hiking trails and her partnership with the Algoma Highlands Conservancy provides an opportunity to stay in a beautiful remote cabin which can only be accessed by foot
or bike. Whichever experience you want to try, your adventure
with Blaq Bear Adventures is sure to be amazing.

Blaq Bear Adventures is an incredible, inclusive, and enlightening way to experience Northern Ontario.

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