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For a young local artist to have only begun his music career five years ago, Christian-hip-hop artist Tristan Goslow is fired up!
Influenced by other artists such as Mac Miller, Eminem, and KB, Tristan started writing rap music in Gr.9. Surprising his friends and family with unexpected speed and natural talent. Tristan has been making beats with his team that takes us back to the nineties and pumps listeners up.

I love the hip-hop culture, the energy, the freedom of speech. 
I love that you can share your story in such a short amount of time. Condensing your life into a three-minute song. 

I want to show people that there is more to life than going through the motions. There’s more than just existing, there is a life to be lived. I want to inspire people to get up and persut their calling.

-Tristan Goslow


Tristan released his first rap album at the age of sixteen and spent his next three years upgrading his writing. Releasing his second album in May of 2019 at twenty years old with plans to continue creating without compromise. Tristan has found tremendous artistic growth from living in the Soo, It was in his high school years he was experiencing more of his hometown. Involved in the music scene Tristan was able to find his sound and decipher what he did and did not want musically from watching others.

Growing up dealing with conflict and very open about that in his music, Tristan’s made up his mind that he will be breaking the cycle of negativity. Tristan’s desire to create positive rap music is nourished by his overall mission to connect with others, to help others through their own personal struggles. Hold on, a song on Tristan’s second album is an example of how he felt and those he love felt as his close friend was losing his sister from a rare form of cancer. Tristan and his friend wrote this song together to raise money to help support her and while she did not make it they finished the song in her honor and for others struggling to fall onto in times of grief. They wanted to remind themselves and others going through similar pain that they can make it through even the darkest moments in life.

“Don’t worry about the past, you’ve got brighter days I know it. If you can, take your story and show it. Be that hope that spreads bright like a wildfire. Light in the dark shine bright when the sun’s down.” 

Hold on, Bold Noize

Tristan Goslow

Tristan may be the talent rapping songs but he recognizes with a passion and great appreciation that he is part of a team. He sees that his music and videos are as great as they are because of his incredible support system of team members that back him. Tristan never expected to hit fifty thousand views, he never expected to become as popular a rap artist as he has been becoming, but he has always put his efforts since the beginning into doing his music right. He raps to have fun, to be creative and to make a difference in the lives of others, it is no wonder so many people are listening and appreciating this young artist’s music and his heart.

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