Stack Burger

Located on 71 Spring St. Stack Burger uses fresh ingredients to create a delicious, backyard BBQ style burger and fries. Stack Burger makes fresh ground beef patties, fresh cut whole potato fries, and an array of toppings everyday to serve Soo customers. If you have a craving for a simple, incredibly delicious, classic burger, shake and fries meal, Stack Burger is there to serve!

Burger Don

Located at 7 Great Northern Rd. Burger Don is a taste of creatively crafted excellence. Burger Don only uses certified AAA chuck in their pure beef burgers. All of their burger toppings are customize able, so that you can create your own perfect burger on a toasted brioche or sesame bun. The Burger Don experiments with innovative complimentary flavors in the specialty burgers on the menu.

Some of Burger Don’s Specialty Burgers include: the Don Burger, the Doughnut Burger, the Luxury Lamb Burger, and the Southern Fried Chicken Burger.

They makes fresh cut, whole potato fries and homemade onion rings to pair with your specially crafted burger. The Burger Don menu also offers a vegetarian portabello mushroom burger to guests who prefer vegetarian meals. If you enjoy a quality burger with extravagant complimentary flavors, the Burger Don is the place for you!


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