We take photographs to share with others the wonders we see in the world. To recognizing the universe happening around us all at once in a moment of astonishing beauty and raw truths of nature.

Camera Craft is one of our favorite local businesses in Sault Ste. Marie for six decades. We go here to feed the creative spirit inside of us, begging to get its hands on a camera that will help us capture nature at its best.

Standing strong over the six decades as the city around it changed and evolved. Still, Camera Craft remains cool and current. This is no normal shop, as people come here for much more than a purchase. From the moment you enter to the moment you leave, there is a sense of courtesy, care, and knowledge that is held in high regard. The shop is family owned and the owners don’t run this place to get rich. It is an Oasis for them to share their passion with others and to surround themselves with the things they love.

Classic and new age cameras; camera gear, a wonderful photo-centric gallery, blues playing in the background, and like-minded, kindred folk. Camera Craft is family run and has been for six lovely decades. The staff love to teach their guests about every camera sold and the gear to go along with it so you will learn the ins and out and experience a wonderful social experience. As the only photo-centric Gallary in the Soo Camera Craft is constantly bringing in local photographers to showcase their work.

Offering seminars designed to give back to the community; free hands-on lessons and assembly, knowledgeable, experienced staff, and a close involvement with Sault Camera Club.
Have your Passport photos printed here, old photos restored and experience the first ever FUJIFILM smartphone printer to come to Canada. Printing digital pictures right off your cell phone.

Camera Craft has always been one of the greatest parts of our Sault Ste. Marie downtown area. You can relax on the seated areas of their stoop and there will always be a water dish outside waiting for thirsty pups. Locals have built a bond and trust in the owners. The outstanding customer service and integrity driven staff have created the kind of bond with SSM that will never be forgotten. Many of our community members who feel a bond to this place have entrusted their retired classic camera’s to Camera Craft to use for display purposes, showing their support and appreciation for this valuable asset to our city.

Whatever your preference, you can find it here! Along with a great time.

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