Happiness, laughter, unconditional love, and freedom never came from the money we made but rather the experiences that excited and enlightened us.

Candi Wishman is a local Lightworker who grew up living in both the Soo and Echo Bay. As an adult, Candi spent years working in the corporate world and found that while she was getting by financially, her health and mentality were suffering because of it. Every year she seemed to be getting sicker until finally, she began questioning herself on why she was choosing to live a life that was not making her happy.
Deciding to let go of the life she had been living and look towards living a life that encouraged her true nature to shine through Candi decided to open herself up to what she had always known was her truth. After traveling to Wisdom of the Great Lakes Retreat and accepting the guidance of other spiritual leaders over the years, Candi began offering spiritual guidance of her own. Helping people that were seeking to reach a better understanding of themselves through Mayan Dreamspell, Tarot Card Reading, Numerology, and Soul Paintings Candi offers a unique service that reminds us of our interconnectedness with all things in the universe and our role we have to play in all of it.

“It wasn’t until I had my spiritual awakening that I came out of my depression, It changed my life, to say the least. It opened me up to what gifts I do have. I have always been highly intuitive but not always trusting of that intuition. I felt that numerology helped me remember who I am and who I am supposed to be in this life. It was really black and white for me and I felt that I was no longer constrained by what people think or expect of me. There is so much more to us than what we are told and what we are taught.” – Candi

Candi’s effect on people is huge as her incredibly kind and highly intuitive personality and skills have guided people to dig deeper into their own mind for answers and clarity.

Candi is a beautiful person and very good at what she does, She did numerology for myself and a group of my friends and they were all happy with their reading and thought she did a great job. I highly recommend her 💗 – Melanie E

Candi is a truly beautiful human. She read cards for me recently – I understood the reading AND can see it applied to my life. I look forward to the next reading! – Katy C

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Spiritual guide
Candice Wishman

“May the longtime sun shine upon you.
All Love surround you. 

And the pure light within you, 
Guide your way on.”
-Snatam Kaur


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