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One greatest and most valuable means of self-expression throughout history has been the gift of sound. There is an undeniable fact that through the power that rests in music is the ability to move any living creature to their soul. Music has the ability to offer us a place to be completely engulfed in the present moment. Moving and jiving to the sounds that lift us and give us a sense that our hearts are being related to. That others understand our song and the reminder that we share this in this world our deep, powerful, emotions. Our soul’s compass guiding us to the bittersweet sound of our personal truths.

Here in the Soo, we have a very special place we go to experience and learn to create our heart songs, our music. A place where everyone is welcome and there are no expectations when you enter this place. The walls are covered in art, the vibe is warm and the teachers kind. You learn at your own pace, grow in your own way and you are welcomed to always be yourself. It is a safe space for anyone who wishes to learn music or simply hang around the like-minded and creative folk of Sault Ste. Marie.
We call this beautiful place Case’s Music Store.

A one-stop shop to finding your instrument of choice and learning to play right there.
Relax in the homestyle lounge room fully equipped with an original Nintendo and beautiful, local art lining the walls. Being colorful, creative and kind are the best qualities held in Case’s and with the wonderful programs offered it’s a hard place not to spend every second of your time jamming.

There is no end to the instruments provided here.
From your string and folk instruments to vocal, piano and skin tongue drums.
Music Lessons are 6week programs, 30minute lessons once a week $150.00. Instruments and instrument repairs and Gift Certificates available.

If your heart is saying, I want to sing like Stevie Nicks, drum like John Bonham, or create completely original music straight out of your crazy, wild, creative brain, this is an amazing place in the Soo to make that happen.
Instruments for sale, spaces for bands to rent, group lessons and an “IN” with the local recording gurus. Case’s is a hub for the downtown music scene to get creative and be unique.
Local youth have been known to come here to hang out and work on homework or simply bond with others over similar interests. It is a music store but it is also a hangout space and a shelter for the heart to relax and absorb inspirations.

Case’s Music has given their time freely to thirty schools in the past two months to combat music cuts. offering free lessons to the youth to allow them to explore the artistic aspects of their ever-expanding minds. Case’s is an immeasurably wonderful place to show support, learn to play and bring your family and friends to learn as well.

“These kids are our friends. The families are like our families now. They have invided us to their weddings, graduations and celebrations. I never had children of my own but now I have 350 children!” – Carrie Suriano

Carrie Suriano, owner of Case’s music has an outgoing and naturally funny demeanor. Herself and staff care deeply for everyone they teach. They have found incredibly strong bonds in the friends they have turned into a family over their years of teaching and community work.
With ongoing partnering programs such as BOGO memberships that allow them to share support with other businesses whilst giving back to their longtime customers, they prove to be more so much more than just a music store.

You don’t own a business to get rich. you own a business in a community that there is a necessity for to make a difference. -Carrie Suriano


Music with Mommy and Me

Summer Camps

Adult Group Lessons

Private Lessons



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