an artist looking to be seen for his Personal truth.
Ed warick has an incredible ability to capture the eye in his enchanting and thought provoking works of Photography and Abstract art.

Born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Ed always felt a strong appreciation for the natural beauty lingering in every nook and every cranny of the Soo. A homebody; computer tech, and graphic designer who enjoys the simple things life has to offer, like time spent on the lake with family. And it’s no doubt that his sensitivity and kindness lurks in the corners of every masterpiece he creates.

“I have always liked art, in public school my teachers always held on to my art. There was a period of my life where I took a break from my art and It was actually today’s computers technology that I really felt brought me back into my love for it.” – Ed Warick

Encouraged by friends and family Ed began to sell pieces in 2012 that would be described as spiritual; sacred geometry; psychedelic, and pleasingly symmetrical. It was the encouragement he received that showed Ed how to truly shine in his community, creating works that would even prove to assist with peoples suffering from anxiety and neurological disorders. Helping them to feel a sense of calm and levelness in their own minds. It is truly a gift to have such a talent that you are able to help others simply by acting through your passion.

“I’m really touched when people see something that I made and buy it. Not because I made money but because it makes me feel really humbled. I am grateful that I am the type of person to feel humbled too, that feeling never goes away.” – Ed Warick

As an artist sharing your work is like sharing a part of your own mind. You create something that feels connected with you and sharing that work means exposing your heart to others. It means putting yourself out there for the world to see. This can be both incredibly frightening and deeply fulfilling as you embrace being accepted for yet another aspect of yourself.
Ed has found himself affecting peoples minds and hearts as he has expressed his personal truths through creativity and self-expression. He has shown the beauty of our city in his photography and shown mesmerizing, dynamic, and methodical forms through digital art.
It is Incredible, to say the least. We are grateful to have such wonderful talent in our city, Our Soo.

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