There is something spectacular that happens when an artist is out to serve the music, chasing art rather than fame. Like a soundwave shooting through our world to move us deeply and intensely using raw and authentic vibrations.

Meet Eric Brombacher the traveling artist from our very own Sault Ste. Marie.
A purist recording live, off-the-floor albums, intending to catch each moment for what they truly are because even the “mistakes” give the music character.

Born in Kitchener Ontario, Eric and his family moved when he was six months old and he spent half of his life living in the Soo, the other half thus far living in Toronto. Eric’s connection to the Sault has remained strong no matter where he goes and he continues to say The Soo is a part of his identity! Recording songs about his hometown and his adventures with childhood friends, such as “My Hometown”, “Listening to Neil”, “Cool Mornings” and “Johnny”. Eric often comes home to play a show and maintain his bond with Sault Ste. Marie and its lovely folks.

A simple, optimistic guy with an idea and a talent for music was the formula it took to create Eric & The Soo. The name came from a phone call with Eric’s brother who was traveling by train one day and thought “The Soo” would make a great name for a band. At the time Eric was starting to seriously take to the idea of running his own music project. Funny how life works that way sometimes, giving you sparks right when you need to light a fire.

The band itself is made up of Eric, the lead vocal and Guitar player and ‘core members’
Ken Yoshioka playing Harmonica and Electric guitar, Tim Bradford as the Bass Guitarist and Vocals and Dino Naccarato, a Soo local on Drums.
Eric & The Soo have also featured other musicians such as Cleave Anderson on drums, Kyle Sullivan on drums, Jerry Leger on Lead guitar, Christopher Kettlewell on bass guitar and Gerard Popma on lead guitar and vocals.

I try to keep it very pure, I’m not trying to push a message. These are my ideas and I am sharing them. I’m in it for the music and i’ve been able to attract pure, authentic artists that are also in it for the music. I always feel the best when I find out that my music has touched someone. 

Sault has a small town element to it that is kind of charming. I returned home chasing the nostalgia. I had the desire to recover my home and my past, to rediscover how beautiful the city is. 

– Eric brombacher


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