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Some great activities we've found for the entire family!

Kim Irvine’s Candid Moments

"My goal is to capture the emotion attached to a moment in time." - kim irvine Life is a magical thing, the way each moment that we see as remarkable sits perfectly in our memory, and the great thing about remarkable memories is that they aren't necessarily anything more than time spent with the ones we love. Those moments when you see your family splashing around at the edge of the waterside, just happy to be alive, sharing this time...

Sheri Minardi Photography

When My soul needs feeding i grab my camera and out into the bush I go - sheri minardi It seems very evident that nature loves Sheri just as much as Sheri loves nature. Her photography makes us believe that the whole of the natural environment turns to face her with bold and effectively brilliant expressions, gracing her with their presence from the moment she walks into the wilderness. Sheri Bayles Minardi is a retired school teacher who never stops learning, never...

John Clement, Wandering Whisky Whisperer

An Exceptional Evening with the Wandering Whiskey Whisperer John Clement is a Sault College teacher in the Natural Environment Department with a love for whiskey and the joy it can bring. I sat down with him to discuss his book, but this was far more than just an interview. We sat down and before I could break out my notebook, he grabbed two absolutely delightful whiskeys to try. We sat down and slowly tasted them, pairing them with oat cookies and...

Ryan McFarling, Magician

Magic is one of those things that you can't do on your own, becuase it doesn't exist if you don't have a reaction, an audience. - Ryan Mcfarling Crowds gather through the wide-open doors, filtering into their seats and staring in anticipation as the lights turn low and the curtains part. Mirrored in a sea of eyes the figure of a man comes into focus as his feet reach the front of the stage. He is here to challenge the minds...

Rasoi The Indian Kitchen

Fresh Ingredients and spices that warm our whole bodies, these homecooked dishes have a way of making us feel as though everything is right in the world as their scent sweetens the air around us. Since the age of ten, Neeta Batra Marwah has had a passion for cooking. Growing up watching her Grandfather cooking in his own restaurant, Neeta was always inspired to create wonderful, homemade dishes. For ten years Neeta has been in the cooking business, taking time between to...
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