For Kids & Family

Some great activities we've found for the entire family!

Rasoi The Indian Kitchen

Fresh Ingredients and spices that warm our whole bodies, these homecooked dishes have a way of making us feel as though everything is right in the world as their scent sweetens the air around us. Since the age of ten, Neeta Batra Marwah has had a passion for cooking. Growing up watching her Grandfather cooking in his own restaurant, Neeta was always inspired to create wonderful, homemade dishes. For ten years Neeta has been in the cooking business, taking time between to...

Steel City Nerd Con & Nostalgia

Get your nerd on! Each year Michael Turcotte and Beth Davidson of Vintage Games and Junque throw an amazing party for the gamers, cosplayers and all-around proud to be nerds! This is a party where we laugh, we play, we dress up and this year, we scream! Taking place in the Bush Plane Museum, the first night of Steel City Nerd Con & Nostalgia will involve a spooky night of horrors. Special Guest Appearances  Director of Terrifier, Damien Leone Art the clown from...

DJ Seith

A Hip Hop Labor of Love "The first time I ever saw a DJ scratching records was on a TV screen at burger king when I was eleven years old. Much Music was playing Sir Mix-A-Lot's Baby Got Back and it blew my mind that this DJ was using records in a way that we we never did at my house." -Seith  Fascinated by scratch, that was the day Shane Erickson, better known as DJ Seith, decided without a shadow of a...

Blaq Bear Adventures

Take an exciting tour through the great northern outdoors, experience culinary  delights, and walk in the footsteps of the group of seven with the wonderful blaq bear adventures. Carole Blaquiere has spent three years building, organizing and running her tours of our beautiful northern landscape. She has created Blaq Bear Adventure packages that showcase the beauty of Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding locations so wonderfully. Her tour packages take you on marvelous adventures, chasing history, walking where the famous group of...

Man Feelings

psycadellic Space rock  A recording on your cell phone will not do this band justice. Man Feelings is the kind of band you must see live and be fully immersed in order to properly appreciate. Man feelings is a band that throws us through space and leaves us floating in the milky way. They are so unique and original yet still leave us with the idea that maybe Gary Write had a baby with Listener and that baby was Man Feelings. Man...
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