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Born & Raised

 I was happily born and raised here in Sault Ste. Marie.  I have traveled to many places in Canada and our forests, lakes, beaches, and surroundings are as breathtaking as any I've ever seen. As many can attest who have left the Sault, there is often a longing to return. I have made my home here. Surrounded by friends, family and a close-knit community, of caring, giving and talented people. I have always been an outdoor person. Raised in the...

Through the Lens of Anto Cyriac

"THERE'S A FEW THINGS THAT ALL NEWCOMERS TO CANADA AND THE SAULT HAVE IN COMMON. THEY'RE AMBITIOUS. THEY WANT TO GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY AND CONTRIBUTE. AND THEY APPRECIATE THE LITTLE THINGS THAT MAKE OUR CITY GREAT, LIKE OUR VIBRANT LANDSCAPE AND WONDERFUL LOCALS." Anto Cyriac represents all these qualities and more. Anto moved here from India in September 2019 to attend Sault College. Back home he had studied Mechatronics and worked in the Industrial Electrical maintenance field for three...

Meaghan Kent’s Fabulous Photography

voted the Sault Star Reader’s Choice Best Photographer of Sault Ste Marie for 2019. It’s not hard to see why, her passion for photography shines through when she speaks of the joy and fulfillment this hobby turned side business has brought to her. Never dreaming her path would lead here, Meaghan Kent’s background is actually in writing and history, carrying two degrees including her Master of Arts in History from Western University and from Algoma University, her Bachelor of Arts...

Kim Irvine’s Candid Moments

"My goal is to capture the emotion attached to a moment in time." - kim irvine Life is a magical thing, the way each moment that we see as remarkable sits perfectly in our memory, and the great thing about remarkable memories is that they aren't necessarily anything more than time spent with the ones we love. Those moments when you see your family splashing around at the edge of the waterside, just happy to be alive, sharing this time...

Sheri Minardi Photography

When My soul needs feeding i grab my camera and out into the bush I go - sheri minardi It seems very evident that nature loves Sheri just as much as Sheri loves nature. Her photography makes us believe that the whole of the natural environment turns to face her with bold and effectively brilliant expressions, gracing her with their presence from the moment she walks into the wilderness. Sheri Bayles Minardi is a retired school teacher who never stops learning, never...
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Sault Ste. Marie
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