For Seniors

Some great activities we've found for seniors!

Steel City Nerd Con & Nostalgia

Get your nerd on! Each year Michael Turcotte and Beth Davidson of Vintage Games and Junque throw an amazing party for the gamers, cosplayers and all-around proud to be nerds! This is a party where we laugh, we play, we dress up and this year, we scream! Taking place in the Bush Plane Museum, the first night of Steel City Nerd Con & Nostalgia will involve a spooky night of horrors. Special Guest Appearances  Director of Terrifier, Damien Leone Art the clown from...

Blaq Bear Adventures

Take an exciting tour through the great northern outdoors, experience culinary  delights, and walk in the footsteps of the group of seven with the wonderful blaq bear adventures. Carole Blaquiere has spent three years building, organizing and running her tours of our beautiful northern landscape. She has created Blaq Bear Adventure packages that showcase the beauty of Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding locations so wonderfully. Her tour packages take you on marvelous adventures, chasing history, walking where the famous group of...


Healthy Living never looked so good Our bodies do so much for us every day,  giving us the strength we need to be active and enjoy the sports we love, play with our children and families and explore the world around us. From our muscles to our brains what we eat directly affects how our day is going to go, how cognitive we will be and how much strength we will have through the day. Our bodies speak to us...


how costume and play really come together What started out as a cosplay picnic evolved to a local convention to celebrate nerdy, pop-culture, fandom, fanatics. A place where you can go in Sault Ste. Marie each year to be fun and funky and show off your own creativity through your cosplay creations and designs. Started in 2013 Mori-Con was given its name to represent the natural environment surrounding our beautiful Sault Ste. Marie. "Mori" Meaning tree in Japanese, this name was...

Vintage Games ‘n Junque

a Retro world Remember the days when we knocked on each other's doors to see if our friends were home because there was no texting? Or the times we would walkie talkie one another to meet at the park with our bikes to cruise around the neighborhood? How about when we would sit around a thick, bulky television and play packman on Atari or watch episodes of The Flinstones, Inspector Gadget and Goosebumps! Not to mention that "Smart as you" commercial...
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