For the fantasy-loving adventurer in you!

There are many great qualities about Sault Ste. Marie, one of those being that there is literally something for everyone! Now if you are the type of person who loves to play board games and make new friends, this is exactly where you want to go!

Games Nook II started up in Sault Ste. Marie in 2014 by Rudolf Gjos. His brother Keegan had the idea that Rudolf should be working a less conventional job where he could be active in his own hobbies and share them with others as well. Keegan at the time was living in Sudbury Ontario and took his brother to the Original Games Nook where the owner had the incentive to help other businesses in starting up! They would keep the name to honor the support they received and this would mark the beginning chapter of Rudolf Gjos opening his own Games Nook II in Sault Ste. Marie. The brothers partnered together in 2018 becoming our towns very own dynamic duo, making the Sault even more diverse in its many aspects of fun and excitement!

Older Brother Rudolf the self-proclaimed pirate started playing at the age of 14 and showing his younger brother Keegan at the age of 11 the awesome world of hobby games. Keegan’s interests were sports and he would consider himself to be a jock however playing games with his brother had opened him up to another aspect of his personality, the fun fantasy gamer, recruiting other jocks to play along with them!

Their shop offers a place where people can come together to share interactive experiences with other community members. People of all ages come to join in on the excitement and share in good banter and laughter. And while they sell games and game supplies it is free to sit and play. These guys have developed a community in Sault Ste. Marie where everyone is invited to spend time in the company of friends and if you don’t know how to play they will be happy to teach you! They have game nights four days a week and are open as a shop six days a week and run fundraisers to help our local charities. The shop has lovely wood floors and a very bright nature to it. There are tables at the front of the store where you can relax and play games through the day and larger tables in the back rooms for game nights and events. Rudolf and Keegan are bright, incredibly friendly and knowledgeable guys who bring a smile to anyone who walks through their door. They are a part of Sault Ste. Marie that really shows the value of having an inclusive place for us to go and have fun together!

my favorite part is that I get to not only talk to people abut my hobbies but i also get to play with them. they dont just come in, buy something and leave, we play together. – keegan

this is definitely the spot to stop. whether it’s hobbies or gaming, its better than sitting in front of something digital. you interact with people and make friends!
-peter petainen

Tuesday 12-8pm
Wednesday 12-9:30pm
Thursday 12-8pm
Friday 12-9:30pm
Saturday 12-8pm
Sunday 12-8pm

Game Nights
Wednesday’s Magic the Gathering 6pm-Close
Friday’s Magic the Gathering 6:30pm-Close
Saturday’s Warhammer is an all day event
Sunday is an all-day games day!

To visit Games Nook II click Here for a map!
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