Whether it’s hiking, swimming, canoeing, or a picnic on the beach that you love; this short 20-minute drive from downtown Sault is a perfect place to spend the day.

Gros Cap Bluffs is one of those places that truly capture the magic of living in Northern Ontario and a perfect example of the Sault’s natural beauty. With a winding trail through maple and spruce canopies, you are likely to see the tracks of little adventuring critters and may even run across a lively fox playing in the snow. Gros Cap is a hike that will astound you yearly as the summer months are covered in fresh moss, beautiful waterfalls, rocky beaches, cliffs and a fantastic location for bird watching; Gros Cap is a part of our natural Northern Ontario landscapes that we here in the Sault take great pride in!

In the winter months, you will find Gros Cap takes your breath away in the way that only a fresh snowfall and the quiet chill of winter can. Crystal caves glistening in the sunlight, the shape of the water waves frozen in time for you to admire.

 Gros Cap Bluffs is a significant geographic and historic location on Lake Superior and directly attached to the voyager trail systems of Sault Ste. Marie.

Image courtesy of Local Photographer, Konrad Wojcik @konrad_adventures

Special Thanks to our Local Photographer Konrad Wojcik for the images used in this post.

Instagram @Konrad_adventures


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