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Courtesy of Habitat for Humanity

Home is that spectacular place where we kick our feet up and relax.
It is where we share precious moments, embraced by comfort, safety, and shelter with the ones we love. It is where we go when we need support, guidance, and love. It is where we learn to become better versions of ourselves and it is where we return to after every endeavor we take into the world.

Habitat for Humanity is a hugely influential non-for-profit organization that has made it their mission to find affordable housing solutions for individuals and families, create sustainability, offer jobs, and raise the quality of life for everyone. They help those who have been affected by poverty, social and economic crisis, system failures and personal circumstances that have prevented them from attaining proper housing.

A person’s mental health is directly affected by the means in which they are living. Each person without a doubt has a right to have their basic human needs met. When those needs are not being met Habitat for Humanity steps in to offer an opportunity to those struggling to build their own home and have greater faith in their futures.
Habitat for Humanity has been an influential force in this world since 1985 and they have made such a made a huge difference by offering zero interest geared to income mortgages for those that cannot access a traditional mortgage.

Here in Sault Ste. Marie we have our very own branch of Habitat for Humanity and a wonderful Re-store affiliated with Habitat. The goal of creating housing for everyone, leaving no person without home ownership. Habitat has programs such as “Women who build” that are set up to combat homelessness, and to instill value and pride in those struggling as they help to build their own homes.

The re-store is both a place where anyone can go to buy home furnishings at affordable prices and it is where many prospective homeowners complete voluntary service. Volunteering is truly the powerhouse of this organization as so many willing people have the hearts to make a difference and show appreciation for the shared belief that to have a home is the right of every person.

Through hands-on experiences gained at Habitat for Humanity, volunteers learn strong communication skills, conflict resolution, practical skills and gain a stronger sense of self-worth.
Because many of the staff and volunteers come from a variety of backgrounds, including individuals that experience barriers to the job market, the opportunity to learn these lessons and become involved has proven to be so much more than just character building. It instills a sense of purpose into the lives of so many, reinvigorating them with pride, dignity, and eagerness to continue pushing towards healthier lifestyles and choices.

It is one thing to help someone but it is an irreplaceable gift to teach a person how to help themselves. Habitat for Humanity offers a hand up and a boost of confidence that anyone can change their life for the better, providing stability for those who may have never experienced that.

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“We are contributing to something that is so worthwhile.” – Katie Blunt, Executive Director



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