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Health can be a tricky thing as each of us has completely different needs. Our bodies require a lot of self-knowledge for proper care but when we treat them right we most certainly experience the incredible benefits! A healthy, active body means more dopamine and serotonin can be released in your body. Which is basically just saying that the happy chemicals that live in your brain throw a party every time you take care of yourself. You feel good, inspired, energized and you are positively glowing. The world is your oyster and your ready to take it on!

Healing Holistics with Christine Roy is a place where you can go to detox your body from day to day chemicals that enter your system. It is a place where you can learn in depth what triggers different illnesses in your body and how to counter them in a healthier way.
Christine Roy started Healing Holistics as a means to help people conquer what ails them organically. To Christine, Healing Holistics means uncovering the root of the problem to deal with it long term rather than simply offering temporary solutions. There is no such thing as a bandaid solution in her world.

Healing Holistics offers a  one on one experience where you can go to receive nutrition counseling, reflexology, iridology, heavy metal detox, and spa services (mani/pedi/massage/facials) and more.  Iridology, detox spas, sinus relief, and skin detox and renew sessions are exclusively done at only at this location in Sault Ste. Marie.

It is a place that will make you feel both pampered and more in the know about what you need individually to help your body be the best it can be!

When it comes to nutrition Christine is willing to help you to the finest details, right down to what you should have on your grocery list.
Nutrition can be overwhelming but the goal here is to ease your mind and allow you the support of a well-versed nutritionist who wants to see you at your best!

Iridology is a scientific practice which has existed for 130years which allows our specialist to look at the iris of the eye through pictures with a specialized camera. This method allows her to tell how your body is functioning with regards to organ conditions, bodily system functioning, levels of toxins mucus or stress in the body, vitamin & mineral deficiencies etc. This analysis can tell how your digestive system is functioning and absorbing nutrients.

Christine uses this system among others to help analyze our body and track our health to actually prevent issues before they can pose a problem.

The services she offers are incredibly interesting alongside helpful as they made our every day lives easier and provide peace of mind. There is already so much going on, health should not have to be one of our concerns and by using naturopathic means Christine is also helping us to feel sure that the solutions we receive will never present new issues in our body.

Naturopathic healing is an experience that helps us to better understand ourselves and with that understanding comes an even better sense of self-love as we learn to care for our bodies the way they deserve to be cared for.

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