The Soo’s Natural Beauty

Whether you are a long time local, newcomer or visitor to the Soo, Hiawatha Highlands are somewhere you don’t want to miss seeing!
The natural beauty of this place shakes us to our soul. An easy ride oasis for hearts longing to touch their toes in the grass and sands and fingertips to the cool refreshing waters of Crystal Falls. Hiawatha is a mesmerizing experience that tranquilizes the heart and gives us permission to take ease in the moment. The perfect place to reset your mind and unwind Hiawatha brings us back to our roots and reminds us of how taking time with nature can really help us better ourselves.

A beautiful park with well-kept trails for hiking, biking, snowshoeing and skiing. Hiawatha is a mark of pride for those living in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario as for many of us this park represents freedom, fun, and love.
We come here for the chance to feel in touch with mother nature and share long-lasting memories with fellow community members, friends, and family.

These trails are excellent to travel as a family, and easy to follow with several must-see highlights such a crystal falls and landslide hill. A hot spot for weddings or a spontaneous day or night trip and a favorite educational campground for Sault College’s Natural Environment students! One of the greatest parts about the Sault is that we need not drive far to reach this little slice of heaven, at only a fifteen-minute drive tops you can reach this gorgeous landscape.

Fully equipt, Hiawatha has excellent cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter with a staff that can suit you up and gives you the advice you need to feel confident on the winter trails! After a blissful day of skiing and exploration, you can shake off the cold with a hot chocolate in the warmth of the Kinsmen Centre.

A stunning park, picnic table area, and an ice cream shop in the summer months. Hiawatha is a wonderful destination for the public in any season and a place that encourages living in harmony with nature. The beauty of this place has such an organic, cleansing effect on our spirits and attitudes towards the world around us. It creates bliss in our minds and peace in our hearts to have such an excellent piece of land at our fingertips. Hiawatha Highlands is the perfect place to get out and get active in our truly enchanting Northern Ontario landscape.

 Winter only you will need to purchase a winter pass to use trails for skiing, snowshoeing and fat biking at Hiawatha Highland’s Website

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