A magical place to shop

A local hot spot for 21years, opening its doors in 1998. Hilltribe is a part of the Sault that incorporates vast cultural appeal, local goods and draws us in with incredibly warm energy. Hilltribe is one of those stores that it can be hard to leave even after you are done all of your shopping.

Inspired by a similar store in Halifax, owner Janice Martineau decided that she had found a niche in Sault Ste. Marie that just had to be filled. With items that come from all over the world, there is no way you won’t find something interesting in this shop.

The staff at Hilltribe are like no other.
The store is run by four beautiful women who have worked in this shop for years. It is not the kind of place with a high turn over rate, these women are familiar faces that we know and love. They remember their customers and treat everyone with the same kindness and respect. The women who work here stay for years due to their genuine love of the store and for Janice and her the strong ethical code.

“When it comes to hiring, we really try to get people who respect others beliefs. We believe in anything that doesn’t harm people or the earth.
I’m very proud of it and it’s nice to have a unique offering in the Soo. There’s nothing quite like Hilltribe and we are always open to new ideas! A lot of people come in for their fix. We like to offer things for all ages and all sizes. We try to carry something for everyone but we don’t mind steering people in the right direction if we don’t have something!”

– Janice Martineau


Hilltribe offers such wonderful variety.
From Skin tongue drums to meditation aids such as singing bowls, and prayer beads. Tarot cards and dream interpretation guides. Leather bound journals and beautiful, elegant and comfortable clothing. There are walls that hold rocks from all around the world and beautiful pendants hanging from one end of the sore to the other. Insense and spacers, books and signs. Hilltribe is a unique, fun and simply wonderful place to shop. It is a wonderful cultural gift shop that we love to have here in the Soo.

Calmness and joy emulate from the storefront women and they have a way of making you wish you could stay just a little bit longer every time

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