A brotherhood of friends

A local favorite band that spent the early 2000s touring North America; Dustin Jones, Mikey Hawdon, Dave Bahun and Brad Example are The Inner City Surfers!
A band of rowdy, rebel Sault Ste. Marie musicians, The Inner City Surfers write playful songs about life and living for the good times that bring out laughter and genuine fun in their audience. Their hilarious lyrics and combination punk rock – experimental – country – surfer music vibes are authentic and relatable.

Music has always been everything to the Surfers, the guys live and die for one another full of brotherly love. Their bond has kept them going strong for twenty years even during the times they went off to college the band would find time to write songs for their band over the phone.
Life never got in the way, it was a ride these guys have been enjoying to the fullest, playing music and partying with fans was their world and they loved every minute of it.

“We all grew up together since twelve years old, a brotherhood of kids growing together, growing older together and still making music together. Our brotherhood comes through the music and people want to party when they hear the Surfers.”
-Dustin Jones 

The Inner City Surfers have always put on a great show and have always looked to create an inclusive environment at every one of their sets. Despite being a loud and crazy band the Surfers didn’t want to play a show where women felt uncomfortable. The band always took the time to write music and market to women with the intent of making sure they felt included and comfortable coming up to the stage.

The Surfers have always been friends with their audience which has helped them to attract crowds that never fought, never started trouble and were just looking to have a good time with one another.
Standing out across the country The Surfers are intertwined in the memories of their long-time fans as “The Soo Boys Abroad”, wearing greyhound jerseys and sporting their hometown wherever they go.

“The Surfers became part of people’s families. We’re all friends even with the people we just met and we got invited to have supper with our fans all the time. We were so grateful that our music brought us to see everything, from all of Canada to the US. We would do lots of shows with the Salads, and we have played with Against Me!, Slaughter, Joey Keithley from DOA (a highlight for sure) Treble Charger, The Trews, Matt Good. Playing music kept us out of trouble but we still liked to get wild.

 We were a super group of guys who had done so much in other bands and then we were suddenly all together. Twenty years later people still care about what the surfers are doing.

The surfers are so engraved in peoples memories that they will be in their memories forever.

We made everybody happy.

-Brad Example

Celebrating their 20th anniversary together, The Inner City Surfers are remembered by the way they made fans feel during the best summers of their lives. The Surfers have a way of making people want to treat every day like the weekend, their laid back, happy attitudes are contagious and appreciated by everyone.
The Inner City Surfers are a group of guys with a great sense of humor and down to earth attitudes that admire the best traits in one another. From their devotion to music to their musical abilities, personalities that make anyone feel like they have been friends for years. Skilled songwriters and an easy-going group of guys, the Inner City Surfers continue to make waves every time they play.

Inner City Surfers

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