“It makes us feel good to help people”
– Stacey and BrIan Lampe

InSPAration Float Centre is a place where anyone can go to relax, recentre and feel weightless.
InSPAration was the first floating facility to ever come to Sault Ste. Marie in 2018. Dynamic duo Stacey and Brian, owners of this peaceful and happy place pride themselves on honesty, ethics, and professionalism.
Both majoring in psychology and studied medical anthropology, Stacey and Brian wanted to bring something to the Soo that could help anyone in need. The couple first discovered float centers while on the hunt for methods to help cope with their own injuries. Brian’s from combat training and adventure sport climbing and Stacey struggling with  Degenerative Disc Disease needed reconstructive neck surgery.

“You can’t see pain so it’s just cazy when people suddenly come out emotional because their body was given a release from that pain after spending some time in the tanks.”

– Stacy and Brian

Floating was such a success for the power couple that they knew they had to share it with anyone willing to try. Bringing huge cabins all the way from BC to the Soo and eventually incorporating an infrared Sauna bed in one of their rooms to help cancer patients that were not able to float.

Doors open or closed, lights on or off, the soothing sound of music or silence, it is all up to you! Everything is adjustable and the rooms include heated walls to ensure you will be just as warm with the door open as you would be with it closed. When you enter the water is slightly warmer than your natural core body temperature. Tanks are the largest available for floating, picked especially to ensure that even those who suffer from claustrophobia feel comfortable and safe. With filtration systems built for a 50,000-gallon pool and recalibrated for our float cabins, these tanks are powerful!

Date night floats are not uncommon for InSPAration Float Centre as they have couples float rooms directly beside one another.
Not to mention each cabin is fully compliant with accessibility features and support people are welcome.
The goal above all is to help others and they are incredibly grateful to have the ability to help with all forms of mental and physical pain such as fibromyalgia, muscle, and joint inflammation, arthritis, PTSD, anxiety, and depression to name a few.
InSPAration Float Centre is proud to have customers ranging from young to old, teachers, brides, even Algoma health workers joined after being so impressed with the top-notch health, safety, and cleanliness. They offer the use of their facility at reasonably low costs for the benefit of community members. Stacey and Brian are truly a wonderful couple constantly working around the schedules of others and continuously complimenting each other’s strengths in their business.
The two of them definitely make an epic team and the Soo is incredibly grateful to have them in our community!

“For us excilence is important because it is all encompassng. Every detail matters from the way we fold our towels to the colors we use on the walls. This is us.” – Stacey and Brian 


“I feel like i’m in a spa, it is very comforting. THese people are very kind and positive. There is always postive energy and I highly recomend them” – Patsy Rideout

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