“If my music could just make somebody happy, make somebody dance, at the end of the day that’s all that matters”

Local Singer-songwriter Jacob Quarrell grew up with music surrounding him in a family of musicians he was inspired and captivated by the possibilities music held for him. Writing happy-go-lucky love songs the dream for Jacob is simply to touch the hearts of other people and make them feel something beautiful. Sault Ste. Marie was where Jacob spent his time as a kid playing in the dirt and adventuring through Hiawatha Highlands, Whitefish Island, Agawa Bay, Gros Cap, and our beautiful downtown waterfront. Jacob enjoyed growing up in the Soo as he built forts in the wintertime and soaked in the summer sun.

“People travel hours to see what we have right outside our door.
The Soo is a very tight community where everyone looks to help one another.” – Jacob Quarrell

Today The Soo is where Jacob takes the stage to play his own original love songs that completely capture who he is and project it to his audience. Music is Jacob’s main objective, it is his goal to create eccentric, heartfelt music that is relatable and true to him.
Playing music since the age of ten and writing “Out”, the first song on his first album “Smalltown troubles” six years ago, Jacob has his mind made up. He creates songs that are different from one another, some slower songs sang with deep emotions and others focused on upbeat electric guitar and funky wavelengths.

By 2018 Jacob was grateful to receiving support from local musicians, Drummer Bredon Glue, guitarist Anthony Marcello, and Base player Elijah Nielson who played as back up for Jacob’s newest release show. The support was a huge motivator as Jacob continues to create his alternative, contemporary CDs and play shows in the local hotspots such as Gore St. Cafe and Dryer Fire.

Jacob has found that playing music in front of crowds has brought the best out in him as it has helped to bring him out of his shell and opening him up from his own naturally shy personality. Jacob continues to play live shows at festivals and local pubs in town in the Soo.
Music is Jacob’s passion and he pushes to grow further in it every day, sharing every song he has created with those around him and allowing for inspiration to come from his everyday life.

Jacob is a local dreamer who follows his heart.
You can follow Jacob as he progresses in making more and more music via Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube 



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