“Art is the pure essence of someone’s soul.” – J.W.

One of the most incredible things about this artist is how he can take landscapes, beautiful as they are, and add an air of mystique to the sight as soon as his brush touches the canvas.

Jeffrey Wright was four years old when his grandfather first showed him the beauty of oil painting. From the age of nine on Jeffrey grew in his medium with every passing stroke of the brush to become the fantastic artist we admire today.

“I love to paint places that don’t exist or to look at a landscape from many angles and create a whole new world. I can paint the same painting a hundred times and it still is a brand new  scene.” – J.W.

The imagination is one of those incredible things that is shared through ideas yet totally unique to each person. It is impossible to completely understand another person especially as each person is constantly growing and changing as they experience the world. The uniqueness that lies behind the eyes of every person is something that we get a glimpse of when people express themselves through their mediums. It gives us the opportunity to live inside a small space of their mind even if for only a moment. Personally, it leaves me thinking “Wow, this is only a fraction of who you are and yet the effect of this one-piece alone is so powerful.” it makes us feel inspiration to delve into our own abilities when we see someone else exploring their own creativity and that really is the true power of sharing our ideas with one another. When I look at the work of Jeffery Wright I go to that place in my mind that says “What else is this artist capable of and how can I grow from watching?” That is the power of art, of sound, and of community.

“Art is the pure essence of someone’s soul. A glimpse of who I am on an intimate level. My love for art is my appreciation of the creators. Knowing that my love and deepest purpose is hanging on someone’s wall is beyond words. It amazes me every time that anyone would want my work and then hang it up.” – J.W.

Jeffrey’s favorite medium is an oil-based paint, his love for the medium comes from the way the paint mixes, draws vibrancy too, and moves effortlessly across the canvas. The satisfaction of creating something so stunning is what drives Jeffrey to paint and by putting his imagination to canvas, Jeffery is able to provoke the creative mind of others as well, enticing their right brain to make a move and dive into their own abilities.

One of the greater challenges of an artist can be selling their own work. For one, you have to decide what each piece is worth, and then you have to part with what feels like a piece of your own mind and soul.

 “My first oil piece sold in grade 11, so I was around 16-17 years old. I painted a piece I called, “mystic cove” and brought it in to show my art teacher. She then included it to be submitted to the Art Gallery of Algoma for the high school art show.  I never attended the event. A few days later, someone found me through the school and bought it for $75. Apparently there was a group trying to figure or how to buy it.

Honestly, I am still not ready to sell my work. It’s like ripping a piece of me apart. However, I’m so grateful that people love my work and want it. Mixed feelings I would say, but It’s not about selling, It’s about sharing what I love. What price is paid only reflects the value you see in my work. My worth is your happiness. That’s why I decided to sell my work.

Knowing that my love and deepest purpose is hanging on someone’s wall is beyond words. It amazes me every time that anyone wants my work and then hangs it up.” – J.W.


For more of Jeffrey Wrights work follow him on Facebook and Instagram 
and on his website CreativeWrights.ca



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