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There is a gift in us all, something embedded in our DNA that calls us to grow in it. Passion to forge ourselves and set fire to our inhibitions. For Jesse Merineau this calling is to make music that shakes the ground and sparks energy out of the people around him.
Indi-pop-rock artist Jesse Merineau began his musical journey at the age of six learning to sing, play guitar and learning drums. His desire to create has created a feeling of longing inside Jesse that could only be relieved through taking action in his art form, making music.
With dreams of going on to adventure and play in Europe and LA Jesse is a Sault Ste. Marie local who draws a serious crowd.
Well loved and inspiring others with the release of his music he is undeniably bold to stand up in front of a sea of faces and sing his heart out.

Inspired by artists that write about true events Jesse wanted to bring his own truths into his music, creating something that reflects who he is, how he has felt and what he has been through. His music has made our Sault Ste. Marie locals bump their shoulders and spin their feet around staring up towards spinning lights. His positive energy and overall good vibes make his fans feel comfortable around him as he just goes with the flow and making a difference in peoples lives.

Jesse chases stardom, not for the attention or fortune but for the potential to make a living doing what he loves and to help others. Imagining himself in the future going to schools and giving talks about bullying. Jesse has a desire to encourage others to be happy in their own skin and for peers to be kind to one another no matter any superficial reasonings. He is a true modern hippy who likes to find deep meaning in art yet chooses not to take life too seriously.

For an artist to influence others in a massive way is very much so power and to quote Uncle Ben “With great power comes great responsibility”. Sault Ste. Marie is however not worried about what Jesse Merineau will do with his ability to influence others.
A good head on his shoulders and altruistic motives guide this young man as he chases his passion. Jesse is, in fact, a Sault Ste. Marie local celebrity already and we are so excited for his further success knowing he will always have The Soo in his heart.

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