An Exceptional Evening with the Wandering Whiskey Whisperer

John Clement is a Sault College teacher in the Natural Environment Department with a love for whiskey and the joy it can bring. I sat down with him to discuss his book, but this was far more than just an interview. We sat down and before I could break out my notebook, he grabbed two absolutely delightful whiskeys to try.

We sat down and slowly tasted them, pairing them with oat cookies and honey.
Needless to say, it as an amazing way to kick off the night! John Clement is releasing his second book in a series of three titled “Exceptional Experiences of the Wandering Whisky Whisperer”. In his second book, he delves more into his top sixty whiskeys, ryes, and scotches, and gives you excellent notes on what to look for in them, and what to pair with them and how to thoroughly enjoy them.

The book was developed with a team of researchers, including culinary
expert Deron Tett. When I asked John what we are to expect from this second book, he told me

“it’s a treasure hunt, some of these whiskeys will be easy to find, but some are far more rare and will require you to go out and look for them. Some will involve traveling, and some will have you talking to
people to see their personal collection. It’s a journey you get to go on.”

I also got the opportunity to learn more about his third book, which is scheduled to be released in January 2020. The third book “Recipes of the Wandering Whiskey Whisperer” will be featuring cooking with Whiskey and the joys that it can bring to cuisine.

We got into talking about one of John’s favorite whiskey experiences; on his 60th birthday, he invited 20 of his closest of whiskey friends and sat down to sip and cook with 6 different and exceptional whiskeys. Here, he spent the day sitting with friends and family, enjoy wonderful whiskeys, cooking, and spending time researching his new book.

Not everyone knows as much about whiskey as John, so I asked him what advice he would give to someone starting off. He told me to not be afraid, “Respect the whiskey and the whiskey will respect you.” Sip, and slowly enjoy, no shooting and go out and meet others who enjoy or, look into taking
whiskey classes.

As we started to wrap up, Jon did something special for me. As a past student of his and a fellow whiskey lover, he pulled out a beautiful bottle of Canadian Club – 42 years old. Looking at the bottle it looked like a work of art. We sat down, said our cheers and took our first sip. It tasted like liquid gold
and gave me flashbacks to sitting at home with my dad starting on my whiskey journey.

After a moment that felt like hours, I had only one word to say; “wow”. This was truly an exceptional experience, as I got to sit down with the Wandering Whiskey Whisperer himself, John Clement.

Musings of the Wandering Whisky Whisperer and
Exceptional Experiences of the Wandering Whisky Whisperer can be purchased on Amazon by clicking the blue titles or at local stores

Feeding Your Soul Cafe and Shabby Motley

 John is available for whiskey consultations, whiskey, and food pairings, and more!

If interested, he can be contacted at 705-971-5142.




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