“My goal is to capture the emotion attached to a moment in time.” – kim irvine

Life is a magical thing, the way each moment that we see as remarkable sits perfectly in our memory, and the great thing about remarkable memories is that they aren’t necessarily anything more than time spent with the ones we love. Those moments when you see your family splashing around at the edge of the waterside, just happy to be alive, sharing this time with one another. These are the memories that we would treasure to hold in our hands, tracing our fingers around the frame, reminded of how wonderful life is.

Photography is such a beautiful art form as it captures and allows us to share these moments whenever we like. Local photographer Kim Irvine focuses on exactly those moments, the most genuine, candid moments.

“I was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie. I left for Fanshawe’s graphic design program and it was actually that program that brougt out the photography side in me. 

When I moved home and had my daughter I began to photograph professionally. maternity leave had me feeling issolated but photography helped me to get out into the community .

I have been a photographer for five years. I want to always enjoy it and love what I do which is why I do the more intimate photography.” -Kim Irvine

Spending her spare time in the outdoors looking for interesting places, Kim loves the way that photography brings out the creative, adventurous and social sides to her. Kim chooses to do candid photography because it means so much to her to be able to capture the laughter and play, the intimacy and precious moments between people. She captures the magic as it is happening, seeing through her lense the way joy can emanate from one person and instantly affect those around to feel the same.
Kim Irvine is able to photograph a moment in such a way that anyone who sees her photography feels as if they were involved in that moment of joy. Empathy taking hold of our hearts as we feel so happy that such a wonderful moment could be preserved for anyone.

“I have always had a creative side. In highschool I was involved in the arts. I love learning and anything I couldn’t teach myself I took a courses in. one thing I love about photography is that you can never run out of things to learn. 

Photography builds connections, it allows for community and friendship. ” – Kim Irvine 

It seems that the best thing you can do while you are here on this earth is to share your time with others and to chase the things that really make you feel alive. Kim’s passion for photography brings out the best in others and all things around her, her eye for the honest moments lets her show everyone, what life is truly about.

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