canoes for conservation

“Improve water protection awareness around Lake Superior
Minimize the impacts of our operation to the local environment

Be mindful of various knowledge systems guiding environmental protection in our region” LSWC


Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy is an organization that makes a huge impact here in Sault Ste. Marie. Their efforts go first and foremost to the protection of our natural environment and the education of our citizens on how to better maintain our beautiful lakes, rivers and diverse natural surroundings. For fifteen years the Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy has worked towards improving awareness of watershed health and instilling a sense of responsibility into people by encouraging them that there is a lot more they can do that they may not have known!

Ride the St.Mary’s river in a replica birch bark canoe and witness the absolute beauty of Sault Ste. Marie, ON from a whole new perspective.
Travel around Whitefish Island, into the locks canal, and down past the Canadian Heritage Bushplane Centre. This unique tour is geared towards everyone and no experience is required as your guides will ensure you are well prepared and well equipped.

Canoe for Conservation guides will teach about the value of the water, the incredible effects of sustainability, and the history of the river. The importance of the whitefish in Sault Ste. Marie and the power in LNT (leave no trace) as this tour is completely green, powered by humans, food is locally sourced and stored in dry bags that are completely reusable. These fantastic guides instill a sense of the value in knowing where your water comes from and how every action you take or do not take can affect all life around you.

Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy has created Canoes for Conservation as a program that incorporates using all of your senses.
Using props as visuals and allowing you quiet moments to really listen to the river and the sound of your paddle as it enters and exits the water. It is an incredibly uplifting, team building experience that connects people from all different walks of life. It truly puts a sense of respect and humbleness in our hearts as we consider that journey of the Anishinabe ancestors who paddled this very same river and those who still do today!
A call back to Sault heritage that reminds us that the people of Sault Ste. Marie have always been water-oriented people.


The Soo truly is a unique place to live as it is completely engulfed in natural surroundings. Parks and islands, flora and fauna, lakes and rivers and diversity in everything. There are so many reasons we are a grateful, blessed people that live in the Soo.

Lake Superior Watershed Conservancy has given the Soo yet another reason to feel grateful. To have the ability to paddle as our ancestors once paddled, and learn about the environment in such an incredibly proactive manner is so instrumental in our personal growth and our ability to protect this land and water for generations to come.

Canoes for Conservation is one of the greatest tours you can take in Sault Ste. Marie. It brings out the best in all its participants and has such a deep, personal effect on those willing to learn and take action.
The tour is incredibly fun however the power of this tour is an incredibly important aspect to helping bring awareness and inspiring each person to take initiative in maintaining and protecting our natural environment

As Northerners of the great Ontario, we take a lot of pride in the way we treat our home. The earth, the waters, the natural environment, and all living creatures have a substantial effect on how the world moves and breathes around us. This ecosystem is a part of who we are and we acknowledge that every living thing from the blades of grass to the smallest bumble bee or the largest of elk all play important roles in our home. We look to protect and maintain a healthy environment and we are greatly appreciative of the work done by Lake Superior Watershed Conservation to maintain that goal as a reality.

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