“fake limes kept apearing in random places.”

A local group of high school best friends L!ME is a fantastic multi-genre original and cover band currently working on putting out more of their own original songs. Musicians Madii Schomogyi, Braiden Bryant, Ethan Bedley and Tobias Chong began their musical journey in “Mustang Sally” a rock-blues band students can join for experience and gain school credit at Korah Collegiate & Vocational School. 

The young group had never been in a band prior to Mustang Sally and felt that the experience really opened their eyes to the work that goes into producing great music. From playing along with youtube videos in their own homes to playing shows in front of large crowds the band grew better and better with practice and the support of their parents and teacher Greg Ryckman, founder of Mustang Sally.

When Tobias and  Ethan, friends since Gr.4, decided to start their own band Madii joined right away. The group played a couple of shows with extra hands temporary playing instruments for them but it was a Christmas Dinner show that they asked Braiden to play with them.
After that show, they continued to play with Braiden on drums, the group made an unspoken pact that he was part of the band as he was exactly what they needed, and already a close friend.

The band was enjoying their time together when they noticed that fake lime would appear in seemingly random places and so L!ME ironically became the name of their group. The band played their first significant show in November 2016 for Black History Month at the Machine Shop. A formal dinner where cultural musicians would perform, L!ME was asked to join in on this terrific event.

Once members Tobais, Madii, Braiden and Ethan had decided they really wanted to make a long term commitment to the band, Bass Guitar player Ethan Bedley’s father stepped in to support the group. Chris Bedley took it on himself to buy L!ME their own equipment to encourage them and to make the band more self-sufficient. From that point on shows got even easier for the group as they were better prepared for venues. With Chris Bedley also helping as the bands’ technical support and Madii’s mother Lisa Schomogyi as the band’s manager, these days L!ME doesn’t have a practice that isn’t for a gig. Playing shows for Rotary fest and all the local bars, L!ME is, however, looking to spend more time working on producing more of their own original songs for their fans to enjoy.

For a group of young professionals who had taught themselves the basics and only started truly learning to read and perform music in high school, they are outstanding.
Each member of L!ME has a great sense of humor and a lot of gratitude towards the support they have received. Ethan’s father constantly being a huge help, along with his Pastor teaching him to play bass. Lisa Schomogyi as an epic band manager, and Mr.Ryckman’s help to get some real experience under this group to prepare them for live performances. Creating L!ME truly was and is a team effort with a lot of people believe in its members.

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