Are you prepared to experience the thrill of a time-sensitive mission, uncovering clues and solving mysteries?

Welcome friends to Locked Up Escape Rooms! You have 45 minutes to decipher the codes that will unlock the secrets hidden in each room!
If you grew up watching Sherlock or Scooby-doo, chances are this is somewhere you would want to explore!

Locked Up Escape rooms are a wonderfully fun and exciting way to spend a day off!
The Rooms were each built with their own themes and puzzles specific to each room. Built in June of 2016 the brothers took care to create a place that was multi-level challenging and really gave the feeling that you are actually in a real-life desperate escape situation! The music when you first walk through the front door is mysterious and chilling, it prepares you for what is to come when you reach the upstairs!

Offering team building exercises that bring excite people of all ages together, and I mean all ages! From eight years old to ninety, folks are coming to solve these puzzles and play these brain-teasing games! It is such a unique place for people of all walks of life to come and enjoy and a very flexible business that often times works around the schedules of its guests! The realistic designs of the place will trigger your imagination and have you rushing to beat the clock! The first two rooms have a max of eight players each and the third room with a max of six player capacity, you can easily share this experience with your group of friends and family!

Will you have what it takes to become a true detective, a mastermind thief or escape from a creepy shack in the woods?
Let’s find out!

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If you’re ever visiting Quebec or Ottawa pay some love and reserve a room at their sister escape rooms Jigsaw Escape Rooms!


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