music is the bond that holds us all together.

Punk-Rock band Love and Rehab are back for a fantastic anniversary show with the Inner City Surfers!
Core members Mike Theriault, Alexis Clement, and Brad Example have been friends since the 80s, each member born and raised in our beloved Sault Ste. Marie and proud of it! They began their musical journey together recording their first songs on “Junk In The Trunk” the first release record of the group’s good friend Dustin Jones of Tidal Records. This was a mashup of five Soo artists getting together and making an awesome compilation of some of their favorite original songs!

Growing up together and moving to Toronto for some years together Love and Rehab and the Inner City Surfers always lived close together, the two groups bonded by friendship and music would play shows and enjoy life to the max with one another!

Alexis Clement, Drummer of Love and Rehab has a great love for her band members. She remembers when she and Mike Theriault had their first band, The Natural Disaster and she recognized how talented a writer her long-time friend Mike is.

“Original music is meaningful and to play something that my friend wrote means a lot to me.” – Alexis Clement

To this day she praises Mike and Brad for their musical abilities, and loves the time she has spend laying down the beat for Love and Rehab.

Love and Rehab began as a small project of Mikes in Toronto, but to have two of his closest friends playing on stage with him, it became more than just a small project. They found themselves enjoying every moment they had playing live as a band together. Each member brought so much to the bands overall success. Alexis being wicked on the drums, Mike as the incredible writer and singer and Brad shredding it on bass guitar, they could collectively rock hard and excite a crowd!

Now, together with the Inner City Surfers for their twenty-year anniversary show, Love and Rehab will be enjoying a night of rocking out once again at Soo favorite, local bar LopLops. We know these bands will both be killing it tonight as they have a bond to last a lifetime between them!


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