We are Northern people who follow that Maker Life.

Maker North is a local shop for people who love to create awesome stuff.
Offering Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, Photography Studio Access, and a Full Wood Shop!
They are exceptional and they are green!
That’s right, they are green. Maker North uses corn stalks and leaves in place of plastic with their 3D printers, a material that also bonds perfectly with other Bio-friendly, Bio-degradable products. They offer a space where our children can enjoy designing their own toys and we can feel proud knowing those toys will not have a negative effect on our environment! But it’s not just for children, in fact, everyone who comes here has to go through different levels of training to be allowed to use any of their equipment unsupervised. They take care of keeping the shop well maintained and very clean and take in anyone willing to learn. Offering multiple different classes and programs for those with special needs.

This wonderful company began in late 2017 and officially opened its doors to the public in June of 2018.
Joe Bertrand, former social worker and one of our awesome community members had no intention of going into retirement, instead, he used his life savings to open Maker North a place where everyone can go to relax, learn and make.
Maker North is fueled by the kind and determined Joe Bertrand, Helen Scott, and Allie Pearson. They believe that in time their products will be helping the whole city live greener lives and they aim to build fully-functioning prosthetic body parts for those in need.
The location is great because it is walking distance from the water and close to many historical sites. The community is incredibly important to Joe and his crew.
They believe that Maker North is a bonding place that brings people together for the better and they want to make a personal difference in as many lives as possible.
They take care, treating everyone with respect and kindness and hoping they leave feeling even better than they did when they arrived.
Maker North is a beautiful Part of Our Soo.

Making a change and making a difference is more important to me than making a profit. When people unload their ideas here I can see what they are about, what their intentions are.
When I meet greet or say goodbye to anyne I put my hands together as an intention. I try to do good by everyone.
Stowicism is huge in my life. Being Stowic tests me to see things from a perspective that is clear and positive. (Joe Bertrand, 2019)


You can visit Maker North behind the airplane museum.
If you need a map click Here!
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