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 A recording on your cell phone will not do this band justice. Man Feelings is the kind of band you must see live and be fully immersed in order to properly appreciate. Man feelings is a band that throws us through space and leaves us floating in the milky way. They are so unique and original yet still leave us with the idea that maybe Gary Write had a baby with Listener and that baby was Man Feelings.

Man feelings is made up of four fantastic guys, B.J, Tyler, John and, Paul, otherwise known as Gabby. They are an electric group who happily say that what they create could not be done without each of them contributing as they all bring their own personal skills and creativity to the table.

John and Gabby, founders of Man Feelings, had been in a successful cover band called Coverfly for ten years before they went looking for another musical path. Tired of playing music created by other artists and ready to actually dive into their own abilities, they stepped off of the path they had been following to forge their own trail.
Band members Tyler and BJ linked up with John and Gabby in the last two and a half years. They had all began jamming out as a hobby with one another and quickly discovered that together they were so much more than they had been alone. The four musketeers of Sault music began to create rhythm and lyrics that were totally original to their style and skill, creating a martini of intimate storytelling, and psychedelic space rock, shaken not stirred.

The band name Man Feelings came from a night of drinking and fun between band members and friends. One friend, in particular, noticing the intergenerational dialog between band members and the way the band was always comfortable talking about their feelings, joked that they should be called Man Feelings.
The group of men decided Man Feelings would be a perfect name, it was a way for them to poke fun at themselves and the archetype of hyper-masculine rock types, all in good fun.

“Every big rock band talks about their feelings but won’t talk about talking about their feelings.” says the band

Each member of Man Feelings is truly important to the overall quality of this band. Their bond shows through the way they all rave about one another, speaking of each other’s best qualities and showing appreciation among one another for their willingness to have deep and interesting conversations. They take time to recognize the yin and yang that comes out of having a group of men from different generations and with different musical talents coming together to brainstorm and create.

The band has a great selection of original songs such as Long Winters Night, Vaper Waves, Mathison, and City Friends.
“Long Winters Night was created in the zombie days of winter.” Says Gabby. “It evolved into one of our favorite songs.”
Long Winters Night is the best example of how Man Feelings creates more than just a song. This number incorporates the drummer, John, reciting his spoken word poetry during this song, which truly makes the Long Winters Night seem so much more unique and touching.

City friends is a great song as it is a tribute to the men and women working hard in the Algoma Steel plant, and another fantastic tribute by Man Feelings is Mathison. Mathison was a deadly forest fire that took place back in 1916, surrounding the communities of Black River-Matheson and Iroquois Falls. As a respectful tribute Man feelings wrote the song Mathison to show their respect to this event and all those involved. The song is chilling with chanting and spoken word. It is diverse and emotional covering the listener head to toe in goosebumps as they experience the ballad, an ode to the Mathison fire.

The lengths of deep thinking these men go to in order to achieve the writing and sound of a great song are exceptional.
Vaper waves, a lyrically somber yet musically dreamy song, is another example of these men taking us to outer space and letting us ride around the sky on their surfboards. Listening to this song I found myself wanting to paint something huge and colorful as they sing “she fades away” I imagined a woman who was half the sky, the stars teasing earth with her silhouette and the promise that she might be real.

Needless to say Man Feelings has the ability to paint pictures in our minds, to create a story that feels like real life and reminds us of the preciousness of life. They are tremendously skilled with their instruments and it truly adds to the songs the way they all participate in multiple ways. Each member sings and each member adds their own intriguing style to the music. Despite their psychedelic space music vibes, these four amigos are down to earth, their playfulness does not cast a shadow on their collective wisdom, empathy, and overall creativity that is Man Feelings.


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