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Melissa Connors is a Sault Ste. Marie local photographer and epic photo-manipulation editor who takes photography to a new level. Her journey towards conceptual art photography began after picking up her first point and shoot camera and later moving on to a DSLR. Amazed by the clarity and feeling like she just couldn’t get enough, Melissa was hooked on this art form.

Born in Boston USA, Melissa has been local to Sault Ste. Marie for 15 years now. Currently residing on the outskirts of town with her beloved family owning and operating the popular Trout Lake Cabins & Marina. Melissa is an incredible individual who utilizes the gorgeous natural environment of Northern Ontario to create her masterpieces. Sometimes leaving photos as they are other times creating something phenomenal and interesting through photoshop.

An artist who believes there is no wrong way to create art, Melissa is an incredible photographer who oftentimes likes to take things to the next level creating compositions out of multiple photos that showcase adventure, nature and her own out of this world talent. Her photoshop works are more than just photographs that have been altered. They are stories that the viewer imagines as they see a still picture moving in their mind, your imagination taking off as you consider what happens next!

Melissa is a very cool woman who keeps herself busy as a business owner, school bus driver and volunteer in the community. She has worked on movie sets and helped to create book and album covers for authors and musicians that are from as far away as England, UK. Her talent has caught the attention of many artists and she loves to collaborate ideas and really get the creative wheels turning. Melissa has a world of fantasy and magic happening inside of her mind and when she creates conceptions that tell her story it’s almost as if you are living the dream with her.

Melissa’s eye for the magic in ordinary things is nothing short of a gift. She is a storyteller and a Dreamweaver and she uses photography and photoshop as a means to share with others the extraordinary things that she does with everyone around her.
Her photography gives those who look a sense of joy and peace in the natural world and her conceptual art gives us a sense of wonderment and a restless need to explore our own creativity.
Melissa is a local inspiration who does not fit in the box. She is far too creative to settle and far too exciting to be conventional.

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