When you walk through the door and the first thing you hear is Fleetwood Mac playing behind the beautiful sound of laughter, you know without a doubt you are about to have a great time!

Minerva Vintage is the kind of place you go to find beautiful, well made and maintained authentic vintage wear. It is comforting to know that when you walk through the front door you will be well looked after as the owner, Barb Harrison takes as much care in her customers as she does the vintage wear she provides.

With a heart for philanthropy and a desire to protect our earth from pollution, Barb teaches each person that walks through her store that the items they buy are not only beautiful because of the craftsmanship that went into making them but also because when we give vintage wear another life we are saving the earth from one of the biggest polluters on the planet, the garment industry.
This is why Barb runs her shop with a few important rules.
Do not over buy and maintain the items you have so that they last for future generations to come.

Barb truly cares about the quality she provides and she is adamant that each item is properly dry cleaned or steam cleaned with no holes or stains. Her stalk changes based around each season and alongside her charming and intelligent mind her clothing brings in visitors from all over. She is an optimistic, well-traveled humanitarian who is always looking forward and never looking back. Taking trips to Kenya to build greenhouses, chicken farms, an orphanage and to start industrial sewing projects under the belief that the best way to help people is to give them a way to make their own living. She believes that money only goes so far when people do not have a foundation, which is why she does her best to offer “A hand up rather than a handout”.

With a goal as beautiful as offering quality vintage clothing and supplies to encouraging an end to disposable fashion, it is impossible not to love Barb and Minerva. We are thankful for everything she brings to the Soo, from the knowledge and kindness she offers us to the bright, selfless light she sheds on the world when acting with such compassion. It’s beautiful to think about this impact and beautiful to realize that the Soo is filled with selfless, kind and creative people like Barb that take dreams and create reality.


ive been into vintage my whole life. i grew up in a large family of ten kids and my mother would come home from garage sales with clothing all the time. I like that most vintage shops are one of a kind.  i bet if you buy a dress from here and go to a party, nobody else has the same dress. – barb harrison

The number one thing i love about barb is her knowledge. she knows her pieces so well and she educates people. she shares genuine love and appreciation for what she sells. she is an educator with a passion and there is honesty in what she does. – Joan Preston


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  1. Andrea, What a great writer and proud to have this kind of youth in Sault Ste. Marie. Nice to have met you.

    • It was great to have met you as well Joan. You are a joy to be around and thank you for your contribution!


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