Just a radical human being.

If you are from the Sault its unlikely that you have not met Farmer Bob and paid a visit or two to his outstanding pastoral farm on 943 Landslide Rd.

Everybody Loves farmer Bob! His humor and bright welcoming personality light up the whole farm.

An old school teacher and fashion mogul, Farmer Bob took a radical switch in his life from working in the city to working for himself and bringing up his epic farm as well as writing his own book “Canadian Bush Wacker, A life Time in the Wilderness”.

His business grew through the years, reaching out to people through want adds in the newspaper to now having 5000 friends on facebook!
And if facebook didn’t have a friends cap, he would have even more!

as a young man, a teacher for the better part of four years; I wanted to find a FRONTIER and I did that.

Teaching consumed a lot of my energy. it was being in front of a sea of hands and most of them just wanting to go to the bathroom.

When I left teaching, I swore never to tie myself to the bowls and bladders of another man and I have never worked for wages since.

I’ve lived here almost all my life, so i’ve developed relationships through my BUSINESSES (especially hill farm). grandchildren of people who once visited years ago on their KINDERGARTEN trips visit today. – Robert Cuerrier / Farmer Bob

Farmer Bob started Mockingbird Hill farm in 1984, while in his mid 30’s.
He believes that the wildflower plantings, pumpkins, and horse drawn carriages are what pull on the heartstrings of his happy visitors. However, we know that while those things do pull on our heart strings, nothing of the sort would be so sweet and so possible if we did not have farmer Bob’s love and efforts reflecting through the whole atmosphere of Hill farm.

Bob’s devotion to living out his childhood dream of having a farm of his own was a gift that keeps giving. The satisfaction and joy that came out of Bob’s bold choices has given his friends, the community of Sault Ste Marie, an abundant, beautiful and relaxing place to be a part of something magnificent.

Thank you to farmer Bob for just being you, and sharing the great you with us!




Special thanks to Farmer Bob for Donating each photo used in this article and for taking the time to give such an enthusiastic interview!




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