how costume and play really come together

What started out as a cosplay picnic evolved to a local convention to celebrate nerdy, pop-culture, fandom, fanatics. A place where you can go in Sault Ste. Marie each year to be fun and funky and show off your own creativity through your cosplay creations and designs.
Started in 2013 Mori-Con was given its name to represent the natural environment surrounding our beautiful Sault Ste. Marie. “Mori” Meaning tree in Japanese, this name was a perfect representation of who we are here in the North, both silly and connected to the earth.

Tania Daigle or Tawny for short is the coordinator of this spectacular event. With the help of three other committee member, Tawny and her epic crew dedicate time towards planning this non-for-profit event all year round. From gathering vendors, guests, volunteers, and performers to setting up and finding the perfect locations to host Mori-Con each year, this team is determined to bring you entertaining and amazing events annually! Mori-Cons presence in the Soo has given an opportunity for cosplayers, anime fans and game jukies to recreate and celebrate all fandoms together in this stellar community.

Mori-Con offers a safe space where everyone can be as goofy as they want that connects like-minded people is so important for the health of all our city-member. It allows for inclusiveness and new friendships to grow and for all peoples to be recognized for their own individuality and preferences. Tawny and her team have created fun for all ages space where we get to enjoy our time and celebrate ourselves and what we love together. This event is a show of positive Soo spirit and expression of how costume and play really come together!

Vendors from The Soo and Sudbury come to Mori-Con to share and sell their artwork, costume pieces, and accessories. With tabletop gaming stations, N64 upwards to Switch consols, and skit contests.
K-Pop dance performances, cosplay contest for the best costumes with hand-made and store-bought categories. Cosplay Chess reenactments and live-action Mario Party on lifesize boards. With a photo booth available to take your perfect cosplay pictures and an extra exciting drag show happening at Mori-Con for their first year yet, this is an event we don’t want to miss!

Tickets go on sale every year for $15 at Mori-Con Website 
And $20 if you purchase your ticket at the door.

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