I just feel at home. It feels natural for me to be here. – Konrad Wojcik, Naturally Illustrated

An artist and an explorer, Konrad Wojcik was born in Mississauga, T.O in 1995.
His journey to Sault Ste. Marie as a young adult to attend Sault College’s Adventure Recreation and Parks Technician program would lead him to become the man who calls the Soo home.
“I just feel at home. It feels natural for me to be here. In general, what I really like about the soo is the surrounding area. I get to do so much and it is a basecamp for exploring. When I think of North Ontario, in general, I just think there is something about the Soo that is special. I didn’t want the hustle and bustle of busy life. I wanted something more relaxed and I noticed that it is so calm here, slower paced and to me, that was very attractive. Being in the Soo and being so close to Lake Superior is so inspiring to me. It brings a warm feeling to the heart that I have never really felt anywhere else.” (Konrad, 2019)

By Konrad Wojcik
Agawa Bay Lake Superior Provincial Park

With the love of the outdoors and an incredibly positive personality guiding him Konrad would learn in his time in school, traveling to Western Canada, and returning once again to Salult Ste. Marie, that his love for Nothern Ontario is something unyielding in his soul. Konrad began drawing at a young age, taking art classes from early childhood and continually growing as a modern maven whos focus is art and photography. He looks to be a life long learner just going with the flow and letting life happen as it does and hopes to collaborate with other artists along the way.

“I am here, embracing what I have and working with the environment I am in. I feel like in the past I have always been working towards a future and I decided to switch that up and just live in the moment, the now. When I look back on my works of the past I can see myself grow better and better but to the outside world, it’s often perceived as an overnight success and its not. Every day is a learning experience.” (Konrad)

With a heart for community, Konrad does not believe in competition and truly values opportunities to work with other artists and draw inspiration from them. He believes in the potential of everyone coming together to create something big and that passion shows in his beautiful works of art! A highly appreciative man looking to work with other artists as a collective, creative unit to create works that are truly valued for the time and effort that has gone into making something to be shared amongst the community and its friends.

Over the years Konrad has grown attached to the Soo and has become a proactive member of our community, volunteering his time with the belief that people are worth it. When he first joined our community five years ago he had noticed that there were things in the city that could use some sprucing up and when he returned from traveling Western Canada he was pleased to see that he was not the only one with this belief.
Noticing that there was growing diversity and more options for young adults to recreate was becoming a bigger part of the Soo he felt that the whole city had shifted in a positive way! Konrad has been working with FutureSSM to collaborate ideas to keep this growth coming and to help our city thrive!  His art inspires and brings joy to people all over with buyers stretching from as far as Washington!
It is no surprise that he has brought such a bright light to Sault Ste. Marie when he decided to call this place home. With an eye for making people happy and a heart that looks for the community in everything, Konrad fits into Sault Ste. Marie perfectly like serendipity.

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