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Local Celebrity Owen Martin is a Sault Ste. Marie Mixed Martial Arts star. At thirty-six years old with ten years experience, he has won 14-2 and 1-0 as a pro, totally focused on victory. MMA fighting is what Owen is all about, it is how he expresses himself and it is a huge part of his growth physically and spiritually. Living and breathing the MMA world, Owen’s passion and determination is undeniable.

Having competed in five weight categories, weighing 300 pounds and then slimming down to as low as 154 pounds, Owen practices constantly to be the best he can be as an MMA fighter. From critically watching videos to learning new moves and techniques. Owen imagines his next fights while wearing a high altitude mask, to train his breathing by increasing productivity of his white blood cells.

As a kid I used to street fight, It was my brother who rather than getting me in trouble sent me to King of the Cage. He said that if I was going to fight I was going to do it the right way and instead of ruining my life by fighting on the streets I fought heavy weight. I fought King of the Cage with no experience or training and I won. My brother Dan believed in me more than I believed in myself at the time. – Owen Martin

MMA Fighter Owen Martin

With support from brother Dan Martin, Owen joined Steel City MMA where he would learn to become an even better version of himself, evolving as a person. Honored and humbled at the opportunity to train under Brent Fryia, owner of Steel City MMA Owen believes that it was this opportunity that helped him to save and take control of his life. Having spent a large period of his life struggling with addiction, Owen knew he needed to change his world for the better. Surround himself with healthy people and create a life where his children would be proud of their father. MMA will always be his passion but his beautiful children are his whole world and he would use the lessons he learned to “Sew better seeds” in his life.

I took steps to changing my life and conquring alcholism.
I was tought to challenge the way I think about myself but I started with saying two things I like about myself every day and working my way up from there. When I’m having a bad day I try to focus on my favorite memory, which was when I won my MMA belt and my kids were watching me. I jumped ontop of the fence and pointed right at them!  I wanted to show my kids that with hard work and dedication you can become a champion at anything you do.

Overcoming my addiction has increased my morality, hightened my senses and given me more control over my thoughts. I am a better fighter now than I ever was, I am more capable and focused.

I am so grateful for the support I have recieved from my brother, a hand full of good chumbs that have been supporting me and buldding me up, and from sponcers who believed in me even at the begining when I was 300 pounds.

My brother always tought me to be strong, be durable, evolve and don’t allow yourself to get stuck in one place.

– Owen Martin

MMA Has become a tool Owen uses for making his life better, directing his energy in a positive way by using it for sport and adding balance in his life. Coming from a rough path Owen wanted to break the chain of violence and show others they could do the same by conquering his own trials in life. Using sports as to redirect his energy was one of the best things Owens brother could have guided him to and now Owen is an inspiration in the community and to his friends and family. He is looked up to for both his crazy fighting abilities and for his willingness to try every day a little bit harder to recognize the good in himself as well.


I was a loose cannon as an adult and a fighter but sober my mind is clear. I was built for fighting, I am focused and I am grateful.

– Owen Martin


Owen has been sober going on 4 years now and would like to extend his deepest gratitude to his brother Dan, his grandparents, his most dear friends Warren, Adem, Spencer, Grant, Lou, and Luke. And all of his sponsors who have helped to guide him stood by him through everything.
Owens’ heart goes to his children and grandchildren, Kianna, Ryan, Arionna, Miia, and Amiyah who remind him every day of who he is and who he wants to be. Pushing him to truly be his best self, you are his heroes and inspiration every day.

Appreciate the people who are there for you.
Do what you need to do to live a healthy life.
Live each day and have fun.

– Owen Martin


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