they’ve got it going on!

Spend your time shopping around this elegant store for clothing and enjoy a cozy cup of coffee getting to know the spectacular owners Paul and Linda of Queen’s East Coffee and Clothes.
This shop is more than you might expect from a gently used and new clothing store and coffee shop. Twenty Seven years together and the awesome couple Paul and Linda made the decision to move to Sault Ste. Marie to start their first ever team business.
Taking an old run down building and turning it into the hella-classy shop we love today, Linda and Paul have without a doubt added their own flair to Queen St. and won over the hearts of all who visit!

Coffee being Paul’s Specialty he remembers his first ever cup at the age of sixteen. Coming from a very strong Brittish, tea drinking family, Pauls world shifted after his first sip of coffee.
Making coffee has become a passion for him ever since and he owned his first coffee shop in southern Ontario before coming to own Queen’s East Coffee and Clothes with his lovely wife here in the Soo.
Using the pour over method, Paul brews fair trade and organic blends you can only get here in Sault Ste. Marie! Grind size matters and so does the brew time. It is important to Paul that every cup that goes out matches individual tastes, removing more acidity from a black cup of coffee that he would a coffee that will balance out the acidity with milk and sugar.

Linda is in charge of the clothing aspect of the store, bringing in gently used and almost new items into the store. Nothing they sell is by donation or consignment and while Linda isn’t about to give away the secret recipe to how she gets her hands on such wonderful clothing, she does promises that there will always be something new to see every day a customer comes in. The front of the store they say is just the tip of the iceberg, you only see about 20% of the clothing Linda has acquired and we all know she keeps Queen’s full of surprises!

To Paul and Linda Co-op means more time they get to spend together.
They enjoy their little cafe to the max and are able to share that joy with every face they see. The kind of place you go for coffee and clothes and stay to chat.

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