I am simply in awe of the way nature is expressing itself.

When I hike and really get to admire the world around me, I truly feel like nothing else but that moment matters. That I can be a part of nature, and nature is apart of me and it is beautiful.

One of the most awe-striking places I know of in Sault Ste Marie is Robertson’s Cliff. An uphill hike through birch, maple, and moss that rewards you with the energizing feel of standing on the edge of the world. Taking you up to the clouds, through the forest and down to the base of the waterfall. Spending time hiking here is a past time that is cherished by our outdoor loving Sooites. So basically everyone here!

Waiting for you as you ascend is a little yellow book in a plastic container attached to a tree. This is where we sign our names and can see how many others have done the same. Taking the same soulful trek for its obvious benefit.  Following the path, leaving no trace that we we were there and letting nature runs its cycles.

Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall.

We are simply admirers.

Only 40 minutes from downtown Sault Ste. Marie, ON.

Need a Map?

Check our more great Pictures from locals and tourists!

Special thanks To konrad woJcik for today’s feature image

Instagram @ konrad_adventures

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