it started with an old Victor globe trotter

Steve Roberts began his epic journey as a collector and record geek at eight years old. His passion started when his father gave him an old globe trotter and evolved to him listening to the vinyl albums, he would save up for, to play on his sister’s record player. From the moment Steve received his first job he was out on Queen St. during his free time searching the local record shops, buying records at 90¢ a piece. He would spend the evenings of his youth listening to a barn dance, blues, rock and roll, and old country, discovering music from all over the world and finding joy in his first experience with Neil Young albums taking a spin on the turntable.

Back in the time that Steve was a young man in Sault Ste. Marie, house parties were a big deal. People would all get together with their instruments and play. This struck a creative chord with Steve as he started a band called “London Mist”. Music always playing a huge role in his life it is no wonder that Steve would one day open his own record shop.

Open four years now it was Steve’s loving wife Loretta that inspired him to open up a records shop. Her first time visiting Steve’s home and seeing a mass collection of records she couldn’t see a reason why this man shouldn’t turn his life long pursuit of collecting into a business passion project. He is kind, personable and knows his records after all!
Steve really is the kind of person you want to talk to when searching for a good record after all. He will offer you good advice and is more than happy to support other local stores such as his good friends at The Rad Zone and Soo Video!

Owning one of the largest inventory record stores in North Ontario, Steve works hard to share his love of music with anyone and everyone! Rockin Vinyl Records & Collectables means exactly what it sounds like to Steve. There are artifacts here you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else because they are one of a kind, only made once and made with care! Patches from the 70’s to hand made keychains and fresh-pressed rock and roll Tshirts! And what a bonus, you can order from Rockin Vinyl Records & Collectables online from anywhere in the world and have it shipped right to you! For a small business owner going on his fourth year in business, Steve really knows how to make things happen!

Inspiring others to work hard and live out their passion, Steve’s daughter has also been inspired with a dream to open a shop just like her fathers and carry on their legacy in Toronto.
It is incredible the work he has done to create such a bright and irrefutable business in the Soo! With a great love for Steelton and its tight-knit community, Steve is more than happy to share his positive love for his hobby with all those who surround him! Steve’s current dream is to see all of Steelton lit up in beautiful lights! We really believe these lights would shine love on the city just as Steve does as he is a bright light in the Soo that never goes out, and reminds us to treasure the classics!

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