Magic is one of those things that you can’t do on your own, becuase it doesn’t exist if you don’t have a reaction, an audience. – Ryan Mcfarling

Crowds gather through the wide-open doors, filtering into their seats and staring in anticipation as the lights turn low and the curtains part.
Mirrored in a sea of eyes the figure of a man comes into focus as his feet reach the front of the stage. He is here to challenge the minds of his audience; tantalizing their minds with unanswered questions and striking the same strings their hearts played as wide-eyed children, echoing through their souls the notes of wonder and excitement. The notes that sent goosebumps up their arms as they witnessed unexplainable things, things like magic.

The wonderful thing about magic is there is no age limit to being enthralled by it. Young and old, it removes us from the world we know to a place without boundaries. Like Alice in Wonderland, we fall into the rabbit hole. The moment is all that matters as it is so filled with spontaneity and innocent surface level mischief. It tweaks our interests and leaves us at the edge of our seats as we ask “how on earth did he do that?”. But Magicians are the drivers and we are simply on a journey which we were meant to enjoy without answers because half of the fun comes from being oblivious to the truth of magic.

Awe-inspiring magician Ryan Mcfarling gets a kick out of taking others on an enchanting journey of magic. Practicing magic since the young age of eight he had been known to sneak into his older brother’s room to snag his belongings. It was on one of those raidings that he found his brother’s magic trick books in which inside a note had been left, saying “If you’re going to take it, at least learn something.” The support and good nature of his brother encouraged Ryan on his journeys of self-improvement as he learned to master his magical craft.

It was after a trip to Amsterdam that Ryan and his older brother found themselves in a favorite Toronto magic shop looking for the books that every magician should have in their collection. As it turned out, however, each of the shopkeepers advised books already had a home on Ryans’ older brother’s shelf. He began collecting the moment he realized that Ryan was becoming passionate about magic and passed them off to Ryan to further help him along his way.

Ryan, it seemed, was a lucky man to find his calling at such a young age and wise to proceed with molding his own skills. Ryan recognizes that the support from his family was a huge asset as he has chased his dreams, recalling his cousins’ words. “You literally have one kick at this. You have one life and when you look at other people you admire you have to look at yourself and ask ‘why am I not doing that?'”

Ryan took the advice and support he received seriously as he molded his mind to understand the human condition and psyche better to benefit his craft, with a heavy focus on the study of Truth. What is Truth being the core of a magicians work and beliefs, Ryan learned the art of illusion. Illusions can only happen under six specific circumstances; floating, disappearing, reappearing, changing places, destroying, and reanimating or “coming back to life”. Using deduction and storytelling to take his audience on a trip that feels unexplainable, Ryan creates a fantastic experience for all who watch.

“Magic is about seeing something change without looking away. Misdirection is the lie that the audience tells themselves. It is about blending in distractions to make you feel like something changed without you feeling that you have been lied to. 

Magic is great because it allows people make assumptions without negativity, because  even when a person is  wrong they laugh about it and wonder how. 

Magic is taking people on a trip. 
You are in a controlled environment where someone says ‘join me in my world for a little bit.’ and then you have to be aware of where you are taking them. leave them wanting more. influence them enough to create a unique, fun, and lighthearted environment .” – Ryan Mcfarling 

The greatest thing about magic has always been that even if we know what we are seeing is an illusion, there is no mistaking the feeling we get from witnessing something that we cannot explain.

Ryan is living his craft, enjoying life as his works are inclusive to all peoples from all walks of life. His greatest piece of magic is the way that he brings people together to share in an experience that will not fade from the memories that they treasure.

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