Where the ancestors chant along.

Every Wednesday night you can chill, chat and play with our Soo community drum circle from 7pm – 9pm for an enchanting session of drum playing. Here we play djembe hand drums and play traditional African beats that create amazing magical moments. This is a shared space of positive energy.  No experience necessary. If you don’t have your own drum yet,  there are usually some extra instruments available.  The only rules are to bring good energy and respect the base beat.

There is something so raw in drumming that brings out the best out of people. Kind of like a return to the source where we can communicate on a much higher level of consciousness because it is not obstructed by words and reason. I have seen people evolve so much in the life for the better through the power of drumming. My self included. – Maxime Gerin-Ouellet

Drumming is an age old practice that has been known for its healing properties. Giving people another form of self expression. Sound healing helps with mental illness, chronic pain, addiction, anxiety, boosting the immune system and boosting dopamine levels in the brain.
The drumming circle held in Sault College is specifically located in the native center (ENJI, G-wing).  A place where people go for smudging, quiet study, history of the indigenous peoples of SSM, and our favorite Wednesday soup day in ENJI.

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    • Lori, we would be honored to research and share your work! I will be getting ahold of you by email and we can talk further about your buisness and how it effects ssm! Thank you for your comment, it is greatly appreciated.


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