Searchmont resort is a hot spot for locals and tourists alike! We love experiencing these beautiful hills.

If you are an active adventurer looking for a day on the slopes, Searchmont is a beautiful resort to relax and play! The knowledgeable and friendly staff will fit you for any rentals you need and guide you to their shops that offer high quality gear!

Located@ 103 Searchmont Resort Rd, Searchmont, ON P0S 1J0

Image Courtesy of Michael Lawrence

Searchmont is a great place because it caters to everyone. Offering learn to ski and snowboard lessons for beginners and larger slopes for the more experienced riders.

The first time i went to searchmont we rode down the moose difficult bush trail and found a really cool place to just sit for a moment, take in the hills, and breathe the cool air.

i thought it was so cool that there were short tailed WEASEL tracks and three different kinds of moss all in one location. it’s an awesome ecosystem living right where we ski, if you take the time to see it!

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