I like the idea of being honest with my music. I started messing around with my guitar, not looking for any particular audience or feeling. I fell into it because it was a constant thing I could always rely on. (Shae Tull, 2019)

Shae Tull was born in Elliot Lake Ontario, 1996, moving to Sault Ste. Marie at a young age with her mother. She is an Intellectual artist with a mystic, transcendental vibe to her musical works. A calm young woman who seeks only to be a self-sufficient artist channeling her energy from her core and sharing it with the world.
Inspired by artists Daniel Johnston and the Moldy Peaches, among other DIY fringe type musicians, Shae found inspiration in their willingness to create something out of the norm, like intergalactic funk. She then began her journey diving into sounds that brought her to do something personal that continues to make her feel good!
Shae’s dreams involve bringing her music to Ottawa and sharing her soul songs there. She will be releasing another album coming up in 2019 called “Right Path, Broken Foot.”
Through her life, Shae has often found herself to be very introverted. While she struggled to find a way she could feel comfortable interacting and communicating with people, she has used her music to help her grow stronger. She was inclined to isolate herself but her experiences performing her music and the support she received in SSM helped her to feel that the music is a bridge bringing her closer to her community and helped her to open herself up.

Shae is continuing to explore her potential and if you want to show support, check out more of her work on Bandcamp and Sound Cloud!

image courtey of shae tull
Shae Tull Performing Live


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