When My soul needs feeding i grab my camera and out into the bush I go – sheri minardi

It seems very evident that nature loves Sheri just as much as Sheri loves nature. Her photography makes us believe that the whole of the natural environment turns to face her with bold and effectively brilliant expressions, gracing her with their presence from the moment she walks into the wilderness.

Sheri Minardi Photography

Sheri Bayles Minardi is a retired school teacher who never stops learning, never stops growing and never stops exploring. Starting Sheri Minardi Photography six years ago she had no idea the incredible response she would receive for her work. She thought that her work might sell seasonally but was surprised to find that was not the case. Sheri’s work is requested every week and the positive feedback and encouragement from both her community and others who buy and share her work have filled Sheri with incredible gratitude!
Her ability to catch unique and seemingly enchanted moments takes you by the very breath of your lungs and holds you there by your heartstrings. It is as if her shining energy alongside her unwavering respect for the natural environment attracts and encourages all living things to put on their best display.  Her photography is never rushed but instead something she approaches with ease and patience. Sheri is an avid hiker and when she gets that incredible shot it is just “Icing on the cake”.

Putting so much of herself into her work but the incredible photographs she gets are not simply luck. Sheri studies her subjects, their environment, and their characteristics. She learns their habits and their routines and like the wolf she moves continuously. Searching locations, circling back. When she finds something she sits patiently and waits for activity. “I act like one of the animals, and I hunt with my camera. I never want to stress an animal out. I really respect nature and I let it come to me.” – Sheri


Despite her retirement as a school teacher, she is still a teacher of photography.
Her passion for teaching and learning never subside as she is also always trying to learn something new. Traveling every year with another Canadian photographer that she herself can learn something new from.
“I believe in teaching people as much as you can. People are like sponges and if we limit that we are robbing them of their potential.”

For Sheri life just would not be the same without a camera in her hands. Her pure heart and eye for beauty are uplifting, she inspires others to live their best lives by trusting in her own intuition. Sheri photographs everything and anything without limiting herself to any one medium. She is a photographer for her love of the craft and that is why she does not do it to make money, she does it simply to satisfy herself.

Sheri Minardi Photography

“I’ve always been ethical. 

I’ve been legally hunting since I was fourteen. I don’t hunt anymore but when I did it was to eat. I never baited, I never shot for the sake of shooting. Once I got into photography I basically put my gun down.

I had a sort of spiritual experience in Algonquin Park when I came across a cow and her calf. I followed her to across a pond where she allowed me to photograph her and her calf for half an hour.  She was incredible with her calf, caressing it with her snout and keeping an eye on it. She would grunt when it got to far away. 

She knew I was there but I was quiet and unobtrusive. I laid low in the weeds and it was that moment I decided I wasn’t going to hunt anymore. I stayed there until she looked right at me, stomped her hoof and grunted at me. And I said to my husband. “She wants to cross, we have to go.

I respected what she wanted and we left.

Then she crossed the pond.” 

– Sheri Minardi

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