Something Old, Something New

The past is what we make of it. We have the ability to pull whatever we like out of any memory or story highlighting the best parts and leaving the rest behind. It’s funny how things that we remember from our own childhoods could end up as a piece of history as well. It was as if we never expected time to catch up with us but when it did we had to laugh realizing that eventually, all things become vintage.

We live in a great time however because with the world the way it is there is a mass movement of people who believe in saving vintage items rather than throw them away and we guarantee the earth is grateful for this mentality! Sometimes we refurbish, other times preserve items exactly as they are. Many of us want to wear vintage outfits or decorating our homes with timeless furniture. We might find ourselves sitting in front of an old vanity set wondering how many others had looked into the same mirror but in a completely different decade than our own.

 Patricia Bowles’ owner of Winnie B’s Vintage Emporium is an incredible character with an in-depth knowledge of each item she sells. Patricia opened her store Winnie B’s Vintage Emporium four years ago naming the store after her late mother Winnie Bowles. Winnie had dreamed of owning her own shop one day and when Patricia opened her Vintage Emporium she gave it a name that would remind her of her mother every day.

Winnie B’s Vintage Emporium is a unique dream shop of antiques; vintage clothing, jewelry, retro collectibles, furniture and more. There is no end to the stories that are told in this wonderfully eclectic, charming and fun atmosphere. You never know what kind of fun and funky hidden gems you will find. There will always be an eye-catching collectible that is sure to bring back memories.

Patricia dedicates her time to finding treasures for collectors, curators, and characters who will love them all. She has a way about her that makes everyone who enters her store feel at home and full of joy. Patricia is a friendly face that all the locals and visitors cherish, she is a friend to the whole community. Patricia’s store brings out a childlike wonder in everyone as they explore every corner looking for something exciting or memories that will make them laugh.


Winnie B’s Vintage Emporium has wiggled its way into the hearts of all of us here in Sault Ste. Marie. Offering stylish retro collectibles at reasonable prices and an overall good feeling about your experience for all the fun you will find here, this little shop is worth a stop!


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