Outspoken Brewing

Located at 350 Queen St. E, Outspoken Brewing is open Thursday 1pm – 7pm, Friday 1pm – 9pm, and Saturday 1pm – 7pm. At Outspoken you can experience a complimentary pairing of flavourful local brews and great food. Owners/operators Vaughn Alexander and Graham Atkinson’s motto is “A small brewery with a big voice.” This local brewery defintely has great beer with substantial flavours worth tasting!

Before meeting, Alexander and Atkinson had each been home brewing for over a decade. Local interest in their home brews grew. A short time later, in 2014, OutSpoken Brewing opened its doors to the public.

Owners Alexander and Atkinson enjoy developing expertly crafted beer and give back to the Soo community by doing what they love to do. They are committed to making premium quality craft brews, and incorporate local Northern Ontario flavours. Outspoken has a great selection of beer. Their Split Shot Extra Pale Ale, Rabbit’s Foot IPA, Anvil Red Ale, and DEADFALL brews are available on tap now at their storefront. Outspoken beer is also available in most bars in the downtown area.

Outspoken is a great spot to meet with friends and share a few laughs. It’s a cozy atmosphere with couches to sit relax with a beer, and there is free parking close to the storefront. The storefront staff are friendly, and ready to recommend the best brews for you on tap.

Northern Superior Brewing Co.

Located at 50 Pim St., Northern Superior Brewing is open Wednesday – Saturday from 12 – 8. In March of 2015, four local investors recognized the vibrant local history behind the Northern Breweries brand, and began developing the Northern Superior Brewing Co.

The Northern Breweries had been a part of the Sault Ste. Marie community and Algoma District for over a hundred years. The new Northern Superior Brewing Co. opened its doors in an effort to pay homage to the former Northern Breweries and to keep the rich history of Sault Ste. Marie brewing alive.

The Northern Superior Brewing Co. has preserved memorabilia from its Northern Breweries roots. Visitors are welcome to ask about the memorabilia on display and learn about the history of the Northern Breweries.

The brewery has been growing in popuarity since its founding in 2015. Many local restaurants, storefronts and vendors offer Northern Superior’s specially crafted brews. Northern Superior Brewing offers samples to customers curious about the flavour of their brews. They also host brewery tours for visitors interested in learning about the history and operations of the Northern Superior brewery.

Known for rich and bold flavour, Northern Superior Brewing Co. has several craft beers available. Their flagship brew is is the Northern Superior Lager. The Northern Superior Lager is inspired by traditionally brewed Northern American Light Lager. This delicious lager has a touch of bitterness up front, followed by a slight caramel note and a quick dry finish.

The Northern Superiour Brewing Co. honours its cultural heritage in a unique and memorable way. The owners and staff at Northern Superiour Brewing Co. are committed to celebrating the Soo community, and bringing friends together over a well made craft draft.


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