Practice, patience and a whole lot of heart.

Sault Ste Marie Gymnastic Club in the John Rodes Centre is a place we go to train our bodies and our minds. It is where we go to give ourselves and our children an outlet, a routine that encourages mental and physical growth. We believe here in SSM that the best way to keep our kids on the right track is to give them opportunities to exercise, play and to learn from as many positive influences as possible. Because children require a lot of stimulation we want you to know about all the great places the Sault that offer them.
With a community, exercise equipment and knowledgeable teachers that will assist your children in growing confidence in their abilities, our Gymnastic Club is a great place to be.

SSM Gymnastic club offers multi-level training if you are interested in competitive gymnastics.
Monday morning drop-in classes for preschool-aged children, birthday parties for up to 20 children at a time, PD day camps that include lunch for your children.
Trainers that care offer their full attention and are well versed in gymnastic health and safety so that your children can get the best out of these programs!

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