No sweet city is ever built overnight.

The Sault is one of those places that showcase our most beautiful shops, and landscapes, our incredible schools and the day to day people who make it so much fun to live here!

Today, however, I’d like to talk about the incredibly demanding work that comes along with being a laborer and how thankful we are as a city to have the strong and willing people who build our city behind the scenes!

If like myself you are a social butterfly who loves to be around townspeople and see all the fun happenings of shops and events, your focus may be primarily on that aspect of our city. It’s in these moments that it is important to also give focus to the men and women who are currently lifting this town to great heights on their own (better be wearing PPE or we will kick your butts) backs!

These are the people who do the back-breaking, any kind of weather is work weather, type of work! Our Belt technicians, railroad and rebar workers, carpenters, bricklayers, firefighters and more than we can think of off the top of our heads, workers!

It takes a lot of endurance, and determination to go out and do jobs like these but it makes our city a place where people have opportunities and places to go!¬†Without our laborers we wouldn’t have the building we play hockey in, the roads we drive on, the trains we ride, or the supplies we rely on to build our lives.

From us to you, hardworking individuals who come home with callused hands and feet, covered in dirt, melted rubber, burns and scratches and you somewhere under all the soot covering your face. Thank you for everything you do.

Love, the Sault.


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