Elevated by Nature

Photo Courtesy of Steve Zalewski

Steve Zalewski is a local adventure photographer who finds he is at his best when left to listen to the sounds of nature. His peace of mind is found by the waters edge spending time with his dog Opie and capturing moments he finds extraordinary. Taking time twice a day to take Opie on an adventure, Steve connects with the natural world on a deeper level. Growing up in the Soo, the need for adventure was forever calling him to the creeks and riverbeds, Steve didn’t struggle to know that was where he felt best.

When Steve began taking photography using his phone, his desire to capture nature at its best was only beginning. The world through his lens became his passion and he dreams of taking photographs for Natural Geographic and for local businesses to share the beauty of his hometown with others. Steve even plans to open his own photography store one day, where his pictures will be enlarged and framed for everyone to hang in their own homes.

Forty going on twenty Steve does not look his age. You might meet this popular local and think your meeting a young soul buy Steve knows who he is and what he loves. A collector of photographs and crystals, Steves adventures are a three-part mission. Part one, exercise; part two photography, and part three, collecting rocks, gems, beach glass and crystals. Steve never leaves the house without a crystal in his pocket for good luck. He finds his precious gems all around Sault Ste. Marie and the surrounding area and has filled one and a half crystal skulls with beach glass and water to make them shine! No doubt it is Steve’s eye for beauty that guided him into the world of photography.

Living life as connect to the earth as possible, Steves Photography truly captures his love for nature. With positive energy and a constant desire to help others and make people feel joy, Steve most enjoy when the elderly see his work and are reminded of their own adventures to the very same places he has photographed.

“If you don’t look, you won’t find.” and Steve’s adventure photography has led him to find so much to treasure and to uplift the mind. Capturing the beauty in his home, spending time hoofing it around with his dog, Opie, and sharing his art with Sault Ste. Marie, Steve is a light wherever he goes.

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