We celebrate ourselves through dance.

Feeling energy shift around you as you glide from one pose to the next, transforming empty space into a show of beautiful movements and art. It is funny the way that dance effects us. It is something we have been doing for as long as we can remember. Like the first time that we heard Eye of the Tiger playing on the stereo. Our shoulders started moving on their own, our fists pumping, our hearts screaming with excitement. Every time after that first moment we discovered our favorite songs we would run inside to crank the music and let our bodies carry us, sliding across the living room floor. Dancing has always been an organic and euphoric means of expression that liberates us, giving our spirits permission to burst at the seams.

Studio Dance Arts is a local hot spot for self-expression through dance.
Owner Richard Kim has an exciting background as a dancer prior to opening Studio Dance Arts. Working on screen as a backup dancer for pop star Michael Jackson and danced in the films “She’s all that”, and the remake of “Cinderella” with Whitney Houston.
He is a popular and well-loved member of our community who has helped students of his own go on to open their own branch of Studio Dance Arts.


Tania Castellani, assistant Director of Studio Dance Arts has been working as a dance instructor for 20 years. She believes that there is power in dance, teaching children at a young age, teenagers and even adults how moving their bodies in a positive manner can instill a sense of confidence in self. From the way we hold ourselves when we walk to our physical and mental health, dance is a discipline that brings the absolute best out of those involved. It is a means of personal growth, endurance, and creativity.
It reminds us that we are both strong and beautiful all at once. 

” I have always danced. I started dancing when I was five and I danced all through high school. The idea of dance is to keep expression alive. I never left the world of dance, I just kept coming back. Even when I was a teacher if I found kids were bored I would move the desks and we would dance. Dancing creates a sense of Sister and Brotherhood between people. It helps with mental health and allows children a place to go.” – Tania Castellani

For many of us, dance is our whole world, It frees us from our thoughts and gives us a place to burn off our energy productively. Your style of dance can teach you about who you are and who you would like to be. And your teachers become part of your family, continually inspiring you to challenge yourself and grow to the best version of yourself that you can be.


Studio Dance Arts captures both the passionate and competitive sides of dance celebrating in both discipline and the simple joy of dance. Richard Kim brings in talented dancers from Southern Ontario, Michigan, Illinois, L.A., New York and all over to Sault Ste. Marie’s Studio Dance Arts to encourage new perspectives and opportunities for his dancers. Studio Dance Art’s incorporates in school outreach programs, Bon Soo opening ceremonies, out of city travel for competitions, and dance or workouts for all ages!

Preschool & Kinderance Program

Dance Discovery Program

Recreational Program

Competitive Program 

Summer Recreation Program

Summer Competitive Program

Summer New Competitive Team Prep Training


Dance Discovery Program (6-week session)

Adult Program


With nine wonderful dance teachers and four beautiful rooms to practice, Studio Dance Arts will help you to transform yourself into an even more confident, bold and balanced self.

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