To experience each exhilarating moment life offers to us, that is our greatest choice.

Superior Exploration, Adventure & Climbing co. is an adventure company that encourages mental, physical, and spiritual growth through active outdoor adventure. Offering extraordinary opportunities, from rock and ice climbing to cave expeditions. Local hiking, camping, snowshoeing, paragliding and more!

Shaun Parent, our enthusiastic and friendly teacher and guide began this company by following his own calling. The desire to climb. He believes that climbing can change people for the better, that it is a team building exercise which internally bonds people. He has seen parents become closer to their children and childhood enemies become close friends through these exercises of trust.

For new climbers it can seem a scary experience at first but the safety of the equipment alongside a good teacher will put your worries at ease. You will soon stretch your own limitations as you realize that with safety covered all you have to worry about is living and breathing in this incredible moment. Because overcoming fear and embracing the adrenaline is like breathing new air on top of the world and feeling enormous pride in recognizing that you are capable of doing whatever you desire. Some would call it, cloud nine.

With Superior Exploration you will learn form, technique, safety and how to have faith in one another as your belayer helps you to rise through any challenges, even fear. The confidence and experience you will gain from Superior Exploration is something that will never leave your heart or your mind and could very likely be your calling too.

Ice climbing puts people in the flow, which is why it attracts people with high intelligence. – Shaun

I take out small groups because I want to have a connection with each person, that is easier when groups are small. – shaun


If your ready, click Here to find the adventure for you!

And of course you will need a Map!


Field Office Phone- 705-946-6054

 Shaun- 705-943-9399


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